Extreme warfare revenge

Hollywood Hogan and Dean Malenko in a steel cage match. Visit our wiki for more info. So I decided to have them hold a summit which saw the group go their separate ways.

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Booker hit the low blow and hit the Book End. After that huge segment on the pre-show, it might seem odd to have AJ Styles drop the title to Scott Steiner. This also coincided with the new feud system that was to count the matches, angles and interview victories between the workers involved. Extreme Warfare is a series of professional wrestling management text simulators created by British programmer Adam Ryland for the PC since One of my favourite things to happen in my save, was Undertaker getting caught up in a sex scandal and was subsequently revenhe by the WWF.

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What happened is that Booker was going for a Book End but Jericho was able to elbow Booker in the head to get out of it. A huge plus for the Cruiserweight division, but I think Jeff should have won the belt.

Raven has terrorised WCW for years now and vowed to end it all tonight. Unlike the previous games in which it was mostly focused on the major promotions such as the WWF, WCW, and ECW the promotion size feature meant many promotions in North America could now be included from the global sized promotions like WWE to the cult sized promotions like ROH to a mere backyard federation.

GAME DIARY: Total Extreme Warfare / Extreme Warfare Revenge (TEW2016 ANNOUNCED)

This helped to prevent the user from booking the same over people all the time and expect good ratings. Elizabeth would try to talk some sense into Savage, saying that Trish is trying to hook up with a top star like Savage to shoot straight to the top. Next day Brian Kendrick goes into rehab for coke. The pay-per-view feature was now very similar to television in that there's now a list of pay-per-view providers which the user must make a deal with to get their pay-per-view provided.

I feel right now is the appropriate time for him to lose the title. I had a feud with the Diamond Enforcers going up against Benoit and Regal. Also included in EWD was the match report screen which featured stats about the match quality, crowd reaction and worker effort of the match along with an overall rating.

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However, Regal got suspended for talking negatively about the main wrestlers on the roster on an interview. Due to complexity and set up time it was decided a computer format would be more suitable.

Posts focused on sexual content will be removed. Kensuke Sasaki had been losing overness rapidly. With Wadfare Flair now back in the storylines, things are going to get interesting. October Date Event Fed. A great show overall.

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Match 4 — Scott Steiner c def. Clear rules that help give the subreddit a balance of content.

Eddie lost the match after botched interference from Piper. If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here.

Televised shows also improved, bringing both competition to the shows with non-wrestling shows along with multiple television deals around the world for one show.

This match got the second best rating of the night and reveenge crowd were really into it. Part 27 of the Extreme Warfare Revenge series is on its way. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: One of the most significant changes this game took to the series was the fact that everything on a wrestling event is under the control of the user.

Views Read Edit View history. Unrestricted Free Agent Location: The heels win and the Exiles still look strong coming off this eight man tag team match. Posts or submissions about the community itself are allowed as long as they follow the general rules of Squared Circle.

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