Fairy tail opening

Snowing sunao ni Egao ni nareta no wa Futari yorisoi Kasane atta "jikan" ga aru kara Fairy, where are you going Hikari zenbu atsumete Kimi no ashita terasu yo. Such a good song It's the latest opening and it's totally awesome! Never got bored - MLPFan. And it features the tartaros arc, which it added a lot of hype to the arc. For me, it's the best opening!

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I love this opening! If features sting and rogue fighting natsu and gajeel.

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This song is so sweet! The part at the end makes me wanna scream See a factual error in these listings? Hi ga ochiru koroni wa shukkou no utage Sabishiku nanka nai ikiterya mata dokkade aeru. And it features the tartaros arc, which it added a lot of hype to the arc. Shitai koto shite ikiteru houga ganbarerujan! Mukai kaze buchinuki tabidate Namida namida kareru made otoko nara tsuyogatte Tomo yo tomo yo itsuno hi ka waratte Katai katai kizuna wo sa tashikame aeru youni Ima kagayaki dasu mirai no chizu wo saa tsukami tore.

How is it so low? I was amazed and it became one of my favorites! By fair the best I like the beagt and the sing. It's so cool to watch and somewhat emotional I can't stop watching this opening over and over again. Such a good song.

Ai mo yume mo kimi to naraba Majikaru ni kawaru Saa egao no mahou wo kakeyou. Towa No Kizuna 3.

Fairy, where are you going Hikari zenbu atsumete Kimi no ashita terasu yo. Rockin Playing Game 2. I love how this opening show each character being happy, oepning reveals their underlying dark pasts.

Masayume Chasing is my favorite opening ever since I heard it I listened to this every single day and I can sing Masayume chasing as well. Makes me drown in tears every time I hear it for some reason, I love it Very good opening, I like it!

It's so bad ass! The animation is amazing and the instruments blow me away!

‎All Fairy Tail Openings by PelleK by PelleK on Apple Music

Opebing how is it number 4! For me, Strike Back and Masayume Chasing are battling for 1 song in this series, tied right now as they are both amazing for different reasons. Waraou nakou sunao de ii Shinpuru na kimochi Ichiban daiji Kanashii yoru ni nagasu namida Tsuyosa ni kaeru Saa egao no mahou wo kakeru yo.

Top 10 Fairy Tail Openings.

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In my opinion it's the worst opening of ttail the Fairy Tail openings! I love the intro! No contest best opening Catchy as all hell V 2 Comments. Okashii na kimi ga inai to Hoshii mono sae mitsukaranai.

Opening 2 Sense of Wonder. Never got bored - MLPFan. It is pretty swag! Mondai darake no Pawafuru na sekai ni Chotto akogareteta Tomatta jikan Ugokihajimetanda Kimi ni deatte kara.

It's my favorite song among all Honestly I hate this song that just my opinion though The best opening ever.

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