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Then download the Windows file and install it. Now you can decide which of the two versions you want to use. Changed the help menu commands.

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Fixed issue where MapSource was improperly handling waypoint names that contained invalid characters that were sent to it from Asian GPS devices.

Fixed problems with items on the map garmib being drawn properly while real-time tracking. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail on start-up if the registry contained an invalid key.

Installation Instructions Download the MapSource update file into a directory on your hard drive. Fixed problems that sometimes occurred when downloading maps.

Fixed an issue where MapSource would crash when trying to display marine charts with dates prior to Fixed route issues for routes containing a waypoint more than once. Modified the scale on map window to display text notifying the user when all map detail is locked and, thus, not visible or available for transfer to a GPS.

Fixed an issue where the track points in the active track dialog would scroll to the top of the list every time a track point was added during real-time tracking. Fixed an issue where changing the font would result in no labels being displayed. I recommend installing a second map good idea is to install the map legend so you can get to know the layout!!! Fixed an issue with preserving line feeds inside of comments in GPX files.

Fixed an issue with how unlock codes were stored that caused incompatibilities with applications like Training Center.

Download MapSource from Garmin and Install Without CD •

Wednesday January 14th, at Made sure waypoints of type 'Geotagged Photo' don't crash MapSource. Added default directory preference for opening and saving files to a user-defined directory.

Added tide prediction dialog for tide stations.

Simplified the selection of mpas in the Waypoint Properties dialog. Other option I was thinking about is to have presets for the tiles choosen. Fixed bug which sometimes caused to be displayed for bearings.

Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Just download, install and then run MapSource.

Change so that MapSource is compatible with MB Garmin data cards when the card is in the unit and data is transferred to the unit via USB or serial. Changed the name of the Autorouting preference tab to Routing. Wisam Safi 7 years ago.

Space bar no longer aborts a transfer in progress. Fixed bug where the 'Recalculate', 'Invert', and 'Show On Map' buttons were not being correctly disabled when there were no points in the route. Fixed a bug where the map drew twice when the viewable screen spanned the Anti-Meridian.

Modified the context menu that a user gets when he clicks on the map window to have the following behaviors: Reorganized categories used by the 'find places' and 'find nearest' dialogs to make finding items more intuitive.

Garmin MapSource

Note that MPS files saved using 4. Fixed the status bar so that it lists the correct number of via points in a route when the route is selected using the selection tool.

Fixed a problem with importing PCX5 files containing trackpoints or waypoints with altitudes. Friday April 13th, at PHN 9 years ago. Added some optimizations to increase autorouting speed.

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