5 days a stranger

Get in, get the loot, get out Get Known if you don't have an account. Five people are locked together in a mansion with colorful history, looking for a way out. Each day is separated from the next by a dream sequence which require no player interaction.

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5 Days a Stranger Review | Adventure Gamers

One of the best freeware adventure games I have ever played, 5 Days a Stranger is yet another excellent medium-sized adventure from Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, the freelance author behind such classics as the Rob Blanc trilogy. If you have trouble to run 5 Days a Stranger Windowsread the abandonware guide first! Special Edition Wait just one minute there sailor! For the most part, it succeeds, but falls just short of the mark. Download Click here to download 5 Days A Stranger v1.

A romantic walk through the forest turned into a terrifying experience for Plot Edit A cat burglar named Strsnger goes to a large mansion called DeFoe Manor, in hopes of an easy score of expensive loot, as the owners had died shortly beforehand. Hello, how do i get this game to work on WIndows 7 or Windows 10 dos box?

And another mirror thanks Reality Blights: Some more time spent on character development and dialog would have made this game truly shine.

A Total War Saga: Inventory can be checked anytime by pressing the right mouse button.

Very little time is spent on developing these characters. A nervous, skinny man in the remnants of an ill-fitting business suit, his motivations and backstory are extremely unclear. Yahtzee upon failing xtranger research his own game, made the mistake of a retcon in the series, in 5DAS, John, Roderick and Matthews deaths occur on June 28th, in all other games, the "Day of the King" is July 28th.

Soon, you find that you are trapped in the house, and that four other people are trapped as well. The sex scene was intended to be grotesque, not in any way titillating.

5 Days a Stranger

Since I hate it when people make promises and never deliver, I've gotten into the habit of only ever letting on that I'm making a game after I've finished it. The figure lifts his mask s reveal Trilby's face.

After a lot of buggering about on my part I've created a version of 5 Days which uses a different font, allowing special characters and foreign translations. Trilby quickly knocks the figure out by tripping it with the rug it stands steanger. It's nice to see an adventure game where the NPCs aren't mere strxnger waiting for adys main character to come along.

Game is Fantastic, and for anyone having trouble running it, Change color resolution on your computer to bit!! He doesn't make mistakes often, but breaking into DeFoe Manor may be his worst, and potentially, his last After convincing Phil to stop looking for the tomb, Trilby finds AJ dead, tied to the bottom of the swimming pool in the back yard.

Gameplay Edit The player takes control of the famous cat burglar known only as Trilbyusing a point-and-click interface to interact with the environment and other characters. She then slips him his tie, which he then uses to pick the lock on the shed with.

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AJ is still nowhere to be found. Click here to download the special translations version Changes 1. She found herself trapped in xtranger mansion after her journalistic curiosity got the better of her; it is this curiosity that may prove her own undoing. Since the author is more concerned with atmosphere and story than puzzles, you won't have to worry about straining your brain too often. It's just plain physically painful but he's doing it because z what Janine wants, and she's completely and utterly doomed.

The graphics are more than adequate, there are no pixel-hunting puzzles to annoy you, and all the characters - including various DeFoe personnages you will learn about - are interesting. Then we can be a family together and be happy. This has been fixed in a recent release strangeer the game ].

Which, given his talents, can only mean good things for us adventure gamers. Up to and including murder

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