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The antispam tools usually work with your email client Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird and I probably would not install one on a netbook. Delta Oct 5, Were I to have replied to you in private, I would not have told you something you clearly already know, and phrased things differently. Another option would be Avast free with only file shield checked during installation. Hello, I think avast could be good, just try and see if it's good but you're right avira is not that good for a low spec computer:

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So McAfee has to come off. It does not store signatures on your PC; it performs cloud lookup. Before downloading, verify that you have the latest Windows drivers! Comment by Ranjan June 17, Reply.

PS — WinPatrol is also a great security program for netbooks, and!

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I've tried version 7. Joined May 21, Messages 4, 1.

Started by Eddie Morra 14 minutes ago Replies: You can view the full scan logs below. Notify me of new posts via email. Joined Feb 21, Messages I just baught my first netbook and I love it. General Security Recommendations 1.

Webroot will give you some web protection that Avira Free does not provide. I tried the McAfee Enterprise on the netbook but it is a no-go. I will however, let you know how everything went! Joined Feb 6, Messages 13, 3.

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I do have 2gb of ram on all 3 netbooks which always helps. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. But I ask the question again, from a different perspective. Email Address never made public. I need lightweight antivirus to ahtivirus Windows 10 built-in real-time antivirus Windows Defender.

I personally use Avira Free but this is probably heavy program - unless I'm wrong. Eddie Morra 20 minutes ago. Your comments and questions are always welcome here!

Joined Jul 19, Messages 42, fof. No ; Include by mask: Joined Jul 17, Messages 0. SAVE while others are wasting. AVIRA is also very fast. Comment by Danni December 14, Reply.

And that is certainly a factor to consider when choosing an antivirus. But it is not an antivirus. With paid, two antiviruses I found most light: Thread starter lemonadesoda Start date Sep 23,

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