Emperor of the sea korean drama

Found some of the military tactics to be less than wonderful e. In comparing the two actors you mentioned even tho he was not the "good guy" you still thought song Ill was better. As I said, I'm new to these shows, but it's possible that you like song ill better because he is the actor with more experience.

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Emperor of the Sea

Jang Bogo Choi Soo-jong rises from a lowly slave to the military commander of the sea during the Unified Silla Dynasty. From ep 1 to ep 51 this drama will never stop to amaze you. This is now showing on the AZN Network!

Mar 15, 51 ddama 51 episodes seen. Instead of taking 50 days 10 weeks like almost 3 months it would take 1 and a half months lol. Nevertheless it is alongwith Dae jang jeum a must watch drama for those who are interested in korean history. It is inspiring to watch two friends preserver and triumph over adversity to become successful people.

Puja kumari Jan 29 1: Although many people do not agree with the ending but it is what the truth is as historical events do prove that Jang bo go empeorr died in the end. Nov 24, - May 25, Aired On: The OST was really well synchronized with the intensity of the scenes.

Posted January 24, Hide ads with VIP. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Was this review helpful to you? Since i dont know Korean i use to read english translation during the show.

Emperor of the Sea - AsianWiki

Kim Heung Soo Jung Nyeon. Joy tom Oct 21 2: This epic drama tells the story of a historical figure blending it with intrigue and battle of wit to make it into a successful drama of all times. Posted December 29, Fuchsia M j, Y. Those all social indiscriminations were well portrayed by the choi so jong face which was very difficult for the yeom jang to counter. These actor make me feel as i was at the place of battle field. I always supported JBG because he suffered a lot.

Thank you for nine great years

The Tuna and the Dolphin. Lee Aug 22 7: The actors were all fantastic and the cinematography was koresn. Posted January 3, Archived from the original on December 31, This was one of his greatest roles he ever played.

Good English and message Many people also criticize on the selection of choi so jong for the jang bo go and many also say that he is too old for lady jang hwa but with all due respect to those i don't agree with them. There is a fate between the three of them, it's because of each other they stay alive, when one gets killed so does the other, too bad they don't realize this. Top Actors Add New Person. Retrieved from " https: It's a good work

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