Endless ocean 2 wii

The player can "feed" the fish and interact with them which is very neat. Adventure in the Deep Blue View larger. If you can get money doing it underwater, this game has it. Ringing the Dolphin bell will give you the first training session. But the controls — a carry over from the original game — are a little too stiff for my liking.

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If that depletes, you automatically retreat to your boat. So I'll say this. Or Hayley Westenra's "Prayer" from the first game?

However this portion of the game introduces players to the storyline, characters and explains how to use the tools. It really is more of the same, albeit with much more structure and objectives than before. Go Vacation - Nintendo Wii.

I'd love a Part II! Ocewn just looked it up on Amazon. Thankfully, you can just turn that part off and the games wonderful sound design, ie scuba gear breathing, bubbles, the sounds of whales, completely makes up for the terrible music.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

The answer to why comes when a fierce shark named Thanatos swims by. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. They head back to Nineball Island, where Jean-Eric calms down and apologizes to everyone, and admits that before his death, Matthieu was searching for the legendary Pacifica treasure, apparently connected to the Song of Dragons, and his disagreement with his son over its existence led to their estrangement.

Picked this one up a few days ago and have been enjoying it so far. In fact, this game is what's inspiring me to become an itchyologist. Blue World builds on the ocean experience first introduced with Endless Ocean. While playing, instead of feeling stressed, most of the time you feel immersed in a peaceful, meditative environment with lovely music.

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Endless Ocean: Blue World for Wii Reviews - Metacritic

You get extra money for exploring the uncharted areas of the map, and you also get money from finding sunken treasure. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

The design dropped you in the middle of the open seas and let you go to town discovering an incredible assortment of marine life and underwater locations. I have purchased two copies of this game, I gave the last one as a gift and I would recommend it highly. Eneless never expected it to be as fun as it was. Sorry, there was a problem. Oceana wii decides to go by herself and find a piece of the pendant her father lost at Deep Hole. Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Ratings.

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Fish and diving fanatics will probably have a much more positive experience than I did. In the two years it's been tightened up with far more tasks than the first game in the series, and at the very least there's a sense of structure here. However, the Flute was dismantled and thrown into the sea in order to protect the Pacifica treasure, which is supposedly guarded by dragons.

There is no violence in the game which is one of the reasons that I chose it. The team sets underwater explosives to clear the way into the cavern, and detonates them remotely. Please try resubmitting by returning to your Trade-In order.

The lower price point also helps, considering this version looks quite a bit better than the first. Hayako examines the Flute further, and concludes that the Flute aii a map to the Pacifica treasure, but is unsure how to interpret it so it shows a map. It takes patience, but after a while, you come to some stunning places, with Enya-like music and a soaring soprano voice that just is sublime.

There are also 30 legendary creatures to be found in various regions of the game:

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