Eve online patch

Fixed broken Overview labels for Sleeper Event ships. Space simulation Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Remove the following tabs from the Journal. Fixed an issue where changing ships would reset scan progress. The destination for a moon survey probe is no longer displayed, if the destination is out of range.

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You can also take a look at the full patch notes here [www. The freighter and dreadnought capital ships, full-fledged player-owned "outposts," and improved NPC pirate patcb improved alliance -based gameplay.

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Arms Race Release Date: That's pretty disappointing, considering it was a central feature when Project Nova was wve announced. Altered the advance spacing of text characters to prevent unintended misalignment. Clicking landmarks labels now opens show info. Improved the experience of trying to open an outdated Tech 3 cruiser fitting with old subsystems.

Switching your medical clone from a structure to your school station now correctly charges theISK fee. Can't start the game today. We're happy to announce that the October Release is now live! Art Renovation continues with updates to a number of mission assets, and secure containers.

Fixed an issue when registering amounts of ore mined that in some cases was causing The Agency to count more ore than actually mined and pattch incorrect quantities in log evd. Retrieved January 10, Fixed an issue gas site cards in The Agency were listing the same gas multiple times.

Fixed an issue where it lnline possible to select a group of items in the Fitting window by pressing a letter on the keyboard while holding Shift.

Reactions are now only possible in Upwell Refineries. The Broadcasting Radial Menu has selected broadcasts that can be activated on other items Target, Warp, Align to as well as other broadcasts Heal shield, heal armor, heal cap that can be activated when clicking in empty space or on your own ship.

Fixed an issue where the Journal Neocom entry would flash when performing planetary launches. Improved the frame rate of pattch caused by explosions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any damage arising from the use of this website. Added chat channel links in expanded parch for respective channels.

To understand the issue, you have to understand how wars work in EVE Online. The name of an asset safety wrap now contains the name of the character which sent the items to asset safety, if they were sent manually to asset safety and not through structure removal.

The maximum amount of industry runs has been reduced to 10, due to performance concerns. Planning the future " ". Added the variations tabs for the Blood Raider and Guristas capital ships.

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Fixed an issue where minimizing the 'Incoming Transmission' window could break it. Retribution brought a revamped bounty system, a new "crimewatch" system, added onoine new destroyer ships and a new mining frigate, rebalanced the frigate, cruiser and destroyer ship roles and improved enemy AI.

Fixed an issue where some rare modules could not be right-clicked in the HUD if they were damaged.

Fixed an issue where text could overflow onlije the fleet window. Resolved an issue where the avatar would sometimes be incorrectly placed in the Character Sheet header. Re-sculpting or re-customizing your character will now be reflected instantly in the character sheet and character preview window.

There's a playable demo for EVE Vegas attendees, too. Added a warning message when attempting to delete a folder of scan results in the Moon Probe and Analysis window. Wwise Audio middleware has been upgraded to

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