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Right-click on the code item where you want to create comments. But the Preview Comment feature really comes into its own when you have more detailed or lengthy comments, such as this one: Where GhostDoc shines is in generating MSDN style documentation including the verbiage automatically, based on contextual information such as property, class, visibility, usages etc. If you already purchased license, you can download full non-trial version Download full version here requires license code for activation FAQ Do trials require a valid email address? Enterprise Licensing Server option Option to enable in-house product activation.

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Once you've downloaded and installed GhostDoc Pro, you can access ghoxtdoc features in several ways. Documentation should explain important information too long to put in the name. This feature is accessed by clicking the small down arrow to the right of the Preview comment button in the GhostDoc Pro Toolbar:.

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Finally, select the Document This menu item. GhostDoc Pro is for developers who want better productivity and advanced features. The tool you are looking for is the author of the code!

You say not to produce undocumentationand yet that is precisely what GhostDoc does. Also, a new toolbar is added to the Visual Studio toolbars: We're confident that it will quickly make you more productive and within a very short time of using it, will find GhostDoc Visul to have been one of your better decisions. Unattended deployment and activation. Although best practice vixual to have only a single class in a code file, there may be times when you have to use code that doesn't follow this practice.

Document Type Although best practice is to have only a single class in a code file, there may be times when you have to use code that doesn't follow this practice. This report displays the individual items vjsual up by the spell checker, grouped vlsual file name, and listed with their line number in the code file.

Then, click on the first button in the Ghsotdoc Pro toolbar. Automatically generate starting point for your help docs Generate XML comments based on code element type, parameters, name, and other contextual information. Here are some true alternatives: When you left-click on any item in this list, the code window will navigate to show you where that selected item is in the code:. VS will create XML comments on a triple forward-slash as well. For complete edition comparison see this page.

Ghost Doc Pro gives you very detailed control over what is spell checked and what is ignored. To do this, right-click on the item in the Spelling Report and when the error correction dialog appears, make the change you require. When I buy the software will I have to re-install ghhostdoc

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It will be most successful if you follow some basic naming rules: Stop spell checking this file and ignore any future errors in the file. All three options can be easily accessed by clicking the viskal arrow to the right of that button.

In the simple example below, the original visuxl name has been changed from GetPanel Measurement to GetPanel Measurements. If you already purchased license, you can download full non-trial version. To implement this feature, left or right click on the code to be commented and then select the Re-Document This menu item.

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Maintain clean and up-to-date code documentation. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you ghostxoc that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Although using this Vvisual button is the easiest way to turn spell checking on or off, you do also have the option of using the GhostDoc main menu button, or right-clicking in the code pane and using the context menu. Any change you make will immediately be reflected in the code and that error will disappear from the list ghoxtdoc errors in the Spelling Report.

This introductory article only covers the features of GhostDoc Pro that you'll likely use most often. This will reveal the Document options menu, from which you can select Re-Document Ghostddoc In this case, that word will be accepted in any solution the user opens in Visual Studio in the future.

As soon as you activate this feature, real time spell checking will start and the current code page will be checked.

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