Antivirus for mobile phone

Best Free Antivirus software out there. Secure your data remotely Remote control lets you stop thieves from accessing your data and helps you recover your device if it becomes lost or stolen. You can conserve your data usage by stopping or even uninstalling data-expensive applications. View all Android products.

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It scored just below percent in AV-Testat Multiple bug fixes Added Japanese and Dutch language packs Scan of the SD card s now starts immediately Added an option to keep the CPU running while scanning significantly increasing the speed of the automatic scan Added an option to offer blocking of messages from numbers not in contact list upon their arrival.

Most of the malicious infections are done through the third party app download. Added an option to keep the CPU running while scanning significantly increasing the speed of the automatic scan. It remotely recovers your device if it is mislaid, lost or stolen. Available with a 14 day free trial, Bitdefender Mobile Security managed a perfect score in both real-time malware and discovery of malware on Android platforms during AV-Tests May test.

The interface of the app is simple and elegant. An excellent Antivirus app to have on your Android phone.

Avast Mobile Security — Free antivirus for Android

Comodo Mobile Security restricts unauthorized calls, prevents the attack of ransomware, obstructs banking Trojans from accessing or stealing of your android device data.

Hpone are scanned for malware or otherwise harmful content as they are installed and Sophos alerts you if they might leak any sensitive information. Also fixes mistyped URLs.

WiFi Finder It's optimized to save battery There's a lot of fixes and optimizations. Have used Comodo Antivirus for ages without a problem.

Free Antivirus for Android

This might suit you better. You'll get your usual antivirus features as well as controls to safeguard your online privacy, lost or stolen device recovery and some backup capabilities. Make sure your email address is safe Has your email address been hacked?

Learn how to enable it. Perform regular scans to detect threats and vulnerabilities Detect malicious apps before you install them Protect against malware-infected links on the web, or sent via SMS messages Verify the security of any Wi-Fi network before connecting Why use an antivirus on your Android?

For safety reasons and to avoid undesired changes in the settings, avast!

Others Banking trojan — Steals your banking credentials to gain access to your account Rooter — Acquires privileged access to take over and control your device Fake apps — Malware that disguises itself as a real app to trick you into downloading it Trojan clicker — Secretly clicks on webpages and eats up your data resources Spyware — Infects your device to gather and transfer information about you SMS Trojan — Uses your device to secretly send premium SMS messages.

This said, any new apps downloaded to your device are antivirue scanned.

The best Android antivirus in | TechRadar

All you need is an Android phone or tablet running operating system Google Android 4. Making mobile devices safer and smarter with Avira Antivirus Security Get it now.

These include a malware blocker which is capable of scanning apps before they are even installed to pre-emptively avoid any potential infection. Android is the most widely-used operating system in the world, and that means having the best security apps and antivirus tools for Android installed on your device is essential, as Google's OS is often targeted by malware due to its popularity.

Avira Free Antivirus for Android - Mobile security & anti-theft

Avast's Mobile Security app for Android is completely fro, but that hasn't stopped it from scoring very well in AV-Test's latest report. About us Shop Account.

How to detect and remove a virus from your Android phone Avast As Android malware, adware and trojans become increasingly common, knowing what to look for is your first line of defense.

I've been using this for over four years, and I have encountered a lot of viruses which Comodo has saved me from. Support Center Blog Chat.

Why Comodo Antivirus for Android The rate of the usage of android mobile devices has been increased exponentially high. I use it on my Andoird phone as well. This demand has made the hackers more curious to generate malicious apps and hence to steal information. Private Space Your Private Space is where you store contacts, phone numbers and text messages that are for your eyes only.

The app also includes a handy QR code scanner which can be used to set up secure Wi-Fi connections. Let the fear of data loss from your android device be a thing of the past.

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