Blue eyed documentary

It is pretty much a way to teach empathy. This exercise was only for 2 days, where only 1 day was with the demeaning collar. So, no equality, just more preferential treatment, rights based on ethnicity, etc.?

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Thanks to Jane Elliott we may just have more students who are cognizant of the issue of racism on our campus. About Us Contact Us.

focumentary If Blue Eyed 's 86 minute length is too long for your program, check out the edited versions: As already known from the ill reputed Milgram experiment, even participants who knew the "rules" are unable to remain uninvolved. There was no way to explain this to little third graders in Riceville, Iowa. As people talk about their experiences, the profoundly negative impact of prejudice and bigotry become increasingly apparent.

Elliott believes, " Blue Eyed is by far the most comprehensive and useful video on my work available; it sums up 28 years of experience in schools, universities and corporations. Given how much American society loves victims, why eted they be believed? In the film, Elliot separates people according to their eye color. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

California Newsreel - THE COMPLETE BLUE EYED

The reality on any school or campus today is that even a unproven accusation of racism could get her fired. I would as well. In the workshop, students are divided into two groups by the color of their eyes and, after a dynamic of dispossession of privileges to those who have blue eyes, occurs a powerful message on racism and discrimination.

Racism is so terrible that she needs to exaggerate and fabricate, it seems. They were about to get a taste of their own medicine. Clips from her original classes and interviews with former students confirm that Jane Elliott's workshops make them permanently more empathetic and sensitive to the problem of racism.

Blue Eyed with Jane Elliott

It demonstrates irrefutably that even without juridical discrimination, hate speech, lowered expectations and dismissive behavior can have devastating dicumentary on minority achievement.

Articles Featured Facts Misc. Max May 1, 9: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. And immediately created a microcosm of society in a third-grade classroom.

This movie opened my eyes at documentsry years old about racism in America. Watch the Full Video Preview. Like other egalitarians, Jane Elliott trusts whatever a minority tells her without critical thought. This page was last edited on documentaary Julyat Eric January 27, 1: I decided at that point that it was time to try the eye color thing, which I had thought about many, many times but had never used. I have faaar from gotten the worst of it though, which is kind of telling for me.

Firmly attacked all the isms racism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism and forced those in our audience to realize how prevalent these things are in our society and campus. In order to have a diverse workplace or educational setting in which all members feel welcome and are able to achieve, tolerance must be openly fostered. Your email required A valid email is required. She then went on to tell her class that blue-eyes are better and smarter than brown-eyed people.

What They'll Learn How being a victim of hate speech, having expectations lowered due to racial prejudices and being dismissed due to one's differences can lead to poor performance The way that Black people and other minority groups are often confronted with intolerance, fear, bias and outright racism on a daily basis That racism is not the only harmful prejudice and that sexism, ageism, religious discrimination, homophobia and other biases can do irrevocable harm to victims Increased tolerance and empathy for those who are different than them in terms of their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, age and religion.

She then pointed out that two blue-eyed dads of other children in the class had never kicked them and said that this proves that blue-eyed people are better than brown-eyed people.

Elliott argues that despite people considering themselves open and caring, they never know how deep is the repression and outcasting which they help to create by doing nothing against it and conforming with the current situation. In just a few hours under Elliott's withering regime, we watch grown professionals become despondent and distracted, stumbling over the simplest commands.

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