Bruce lee fighting games

So play this game and practice martial arts techniques in real life to become a perfect warrior like knights and assassin. Comic Stars Fighting 3 4. Yie Ar Kung Fu is a fighting game created in and is supposed to have inspired all fighting games that came after it. Keep in mind that these are retro game characters inspired by Bruce Lee and not just video game versions of Bruce Lee.

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Block the enemy kicks and punches is also essential part of martial arts. Bruce Lee comics Bruce Lee: Fight man - stickman 3.

Yie Ar Kung Fu is a fighting game created in and is supposed to have inspired all fighting games that came after it. Barbie Fighting With Ken 4.

Free Online Kung Fu Game - Bruce Lee Game

Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 4. Kungfu also a great art for self defense. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience.

Legendary Ninja Battles 4. Mutant Fighting Cup 2 4.

I decided to count down these characters inspired by Lee. Jann Lee is a cocky fighter who often claims victory even before the fight even begins.

Top 10 Characters Inspired by Bruce Lee

Bubble Fighting Tournament 1. Comic Stars Fighting 4.

Super Panda Hero 3. Embed this game on your web page: He also based many of his outsits on Bruce Lee, like the yellow track suit we saw before or martial arts uniforms with a dragon emblem… the dragon was brhce connected to Bruce Lee. A need to put video game items into a list from 10 to 1.

In this game, you will control Lee as he encounters dozens of fighters and get into countless brawls across the world. Take timely decision, attack on enemy with punches and kicks on proper time and block enemy attack using accuracy and speed in your actions. His swinging kick attack must be ducked, or it can knock you out in just one hit.

Quickness is key to win the hand to hand fight. Gsmes game supports up to three players simultaneously, playing through the game co-operatively, or against each other in a battle mode.

If only Acclaim had a conscience then fightijg wouldn't have had to waste our time reviewing this retread of a game. Anime Fighting Jam Wing 4. Dragon Chan is a formidable foe. Luffy Vs Naruto 4.

Bruce Lee Karate master - Karate games

Use enemy power against himself. Fight man - stickman 2. The Bruce Lee Story received mixed reviews. This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat Dragon Fames Fierce Fighting 2. Cover art of the Atari Jaguar version. Big shot Boxing 5. Play game and observe carefully how kicks and punches are being use in judo hand to hand fight and then practice physically.

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