City car driving player cars.xml

But unfortunately cars are still not installed. Following is a list of parameters, which should be specified for a new car section: Mods dont show up 18 Feb I think I understand what the problem is: Defining an image for a new car.

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Then, I put the "export" and "data" files to my game file, but when I open it, it works but the car isn't installed. I want to help you as much as I can.

It's what I do and it is a lot easier.

Cars.xmml the example the lines are indented, make sure the code is lined up like the example. Home Recent Rules Help Search. But unfortunately cars are still not installed. The administrator has disabled public write access.

Remember me Forgot your password? This is in fact what closes the "portfolio" cars.

City car driving player cars xml

Hello everybody, I'm playing to the 1. An example of such a section is situated below in paragraph III.

With your cars, of course. After the car "countach" You have two things that look like this: What can I do? Down, you can see that I put 2 new car codes. Remember me Forgot your password?

I don't know what the problem is This video can help you. Example of new car description. Mods dont show up. Thank you I lined up the code correctly, like the example. I did everything yet, I moved the file to the documents, put the cify code and saved, to finally moved back to the city car driving file.

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This file should be saved with UTF-8 encoding. If you are still having trouble, download a mod car using a mod installer and paste any code for non-mod installer cars cigy the mod installer cars and line the code up with them. Mods dont show up 28 Feb Mods dont show up 18 Feb Hello, Thanks you for your answer I did what you told me, but infortunately when I open the game, the car isn't installed. For example, a 'Car28' car have all its data placed in following folders: I have no idea whats wrong.

But my problem is that I can't install the mods, I downloaded a car, but when I try to install it, it's written: Try to create an unique and distinctive IDs so you wouldn't collide with other user cars playef future developer cars. Thanks for a lot plwyer answers, good evening.

The second thing you need to add the letter S, like this: Can't install mods 08 Apr Should you still be having problems, look for other things like tab spaces where they should be. I definitely installed the cars correctly, by dragging the correct folder of the ccars.xml, into the main directory.

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