After effects cc particle systems ii

It's all done with Particle World so there are no 3rd party plug-ins required. Camera System and Camera Position controls. Specifies which particles the Layer Exploder and Particle Exploder affect. For lots of particles, set the number higher, but be aware that your computer may begin to slow down. At zero, a particle moves when any other force, such as gravity, is present.

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Specify the minimum and maximum values you want the layer map to produce for each Map To group.

Using After Effects' CC Particle Systems II to Create Snow for a Snow globe - Lesterbanks

Physics controls specify the way the pieces move and fall through space. However, the higher the value, the longer the composition takes to render. You can modify controls that change particle motion, such as speed and force, and controls that change particle appearance, such as color, opacity, and size.

If, for another example, you specify a sstems Random Time Max value of - 1, the Random Time Max is before the current time, so that the range within which new particles start playing advances as the current time advances. Use the Colorama effect to posterize the colors of an image to these eight colors.

After particl this, you can then choose one of the Selection Text sets from the Character menu under one of the Affects property groups. His hope is that this tutorial can help you take one little step further in your discovery of PP's wonders. When you change the depth of the water, the waves behave accordingly: You can shoot a stream of particles from the Cannon, generate a flat plane full of particles from the Grid, or use the Layer Exploder to create particles from an existing layer.

You can replace the default dot particles with images from an existing layer to create, for example, an entire snowstorm from a single snowflake layer.

Particles shooting out of the spacecraft layer upper-lefttext characters used as particles shooting out of a ray gun lower-leftand Layer Exploder used on spacecraft layer lower-right.

Replace default Grid particles with text.

In other words, you cannot adjust the bottom of a canyon to be deeper; instead, you can adjust the rim to be higher. Displays the Li view wireframe superimposed over a grayscale representation of the flow map, if selected. For a wide source, such as a school of fish, specify a high value.

Simulation effects

White represents higher elevation, and black represents lower elevation. To attenuate tone down property value changes, try applying the Multiply operator using values in the range 0.

If you create a control layer using colors, the Property Mapper property groups in Particle Playground can extract the brightness values from each RGB color channel separately.

Specifies the x,y coordinates of the grid center. The dark spots of the waves get much darker, and the light spots get much lighter.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials: The gradient layer acts as a displacement map for animating the cards. For example, select a vertical grayscale gradient layer black on top, white on bottom from the Gradient Layer 1 menu, and then select Intensity 1 from the X Rotation Source menu. When Auto Focal Length is selected, the focal length required to match the corner points is used, if possible.

Because there are shades of gray including black and whiteeach percentage point represents approximately 2. Force 1 and Force 2 controls. Simulating a Tornado in After Effects Mark Simpson uses the masking capabilities of After Effects along with some 3rd party plug-ins to simulate an animated Tornado.

If you superimpose the shatter map over the gradient layer, the gradient layer pixels that are precisely under each balance point control the explosion. Wall controls contain particles, limiting the area within which particles can move. Regardless of the color depth of the image that you use as a control layer, Particle Playground always uses its red, green, and blue channels as if each were an 8-bpc grayscale image.

Specifies the power of the light. Apply in a vertical direction to create falling particles, such as rain or snow, or rising particles, such as champagne bubbles. For example, use Absolute to map an unchanging image onto a particle, or use Relative to map an animating sequence of frames onto a particle. Click the right-facing triangle next to Cannon so that it points downward.

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