Fce listening exam

Subscribe to our free B2 First exam preparation emails. You have to talk with the other candidate and make a decision. About 2, words to read in total.

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Subscribe to our free B2 First exam preparation emails.

B2 First exam format | Cambridge English

What do I have listebing practise? Requires you to be able to produce two different pieces of writing, such as letters, reports, reviews listebing essays. Contact the centre to find out how to book your exam. Objective First Objective First is an updated and revised edition of the best-selling B2 First course.

You have to match each statement to exaj section or text in which you can find the information. Exam day tips — computer-based exams. Eight short extracts from monologues or conversations between interacting speakers. The B2 First Speaking test has four parts and you take it listenin with another candidate.

You can work in Test mode timed or Practice mode multi-attempts to help you get ready for your exam. Are you ready to take the next step? How to understand the structure and development of a text. Download B2 First information for candidates Frequently asked questions and exam day tips B2 First FAQs Exam day tips — paper-based exams Exam day tips — computer-based exams Games and social media Have fun learning by playing our free English games.

FCE Listening: free practice test

Writing 1 hour 20 minutes See sample paper. A single page of text ilstening some numbered gaps which represent missing paragraphs. You have to speak for 1 minute without interruption and the interlocutor then asks the other candidate to comment on your photographs for about 30 seconds.

One task to be selected from a choice of dxam. Reading and Use of English answer key Listening answer key There is no answer key for the Writing paper, but there are sample answers and examiner comments on the relevant pages of the B2 First handbook.

Further discussion with the other candidate, guided by questions from the examiner, about the topics or issues raised in the task in Part 3.

You can practice your English with other language learners on our Cambridge English Facebook page. Using language functions, such as evaluating, expressing opinions, hypothesising, justifying, persuading.

You have to think of the correct word for each gap.

FCE Listening

Part 1 Multiple-choice cloze What's in Part 1? Listening about 40 minutes See sample paper.

Listening for specific information, stated opinion. Reading for specific information, detail, opinion and attitude. Part 2 Sentence completion What's in Part 2? A text with some multiple-choice questions. Writing different types of text that could be included in the exam.

The B2 First Reading and Use of English paper is in seven parts and has a mix of text types and questions. Download B2 First information for candidates. Contact the centre to find out how to book your exam. Speaking 14 minutes per pair of candidates See sample paper. Listening for gist, attitude, opinion, purpose, feeling, main points and detail.

About 40 minutes Number of parts: Reading and Use of English answer key. You hear each recording twice.

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