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The text is quite comprehensive in its coverage of the key and standard topics and compares favorably with the very well known and widely used conventional text that I have been using in my Business Communications class, as well as others that I I found no errors or hints of bias. Facutly who use the giant comprehensive industry standard books end up excising a ton of content anyway. Comments I deeply appreciate McLean's Business Communication for Success as the first truly effective and customizable open source text in our area. Group Communication, Teamwork, and Leadership.

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I found it inviting and I believe that students will want to read the chapters assigned. Connect Business Communication Titles.

The presentations n section seemed out of place to me. Business and Professional Communication: This item will be released on January 29, The book focuses on the fundamental principles of communication - clarity of purpose and knowledge of the subject and audience - to empower readers to deal with both familiar and unfamiliar communication contexts. Writing and Blog Assignments Instructors can complete reviews of student papers online.

The book shows an appreciation of diversity and inclusion of various perspectives. Revising and Presenting Your Writing Chapter 8: The text draws in outside sources rather than being self-referential. Nothing is distracting or confusing, but I also wouldn't rate it high on engagement visuals are different in different formats and sometimes have issues with clarity.

The text is well written, easy to understand.

Business Communication for Success

I didn't see any glaring errors of any kind. Another student remarked that it was an enjoyable read and that they at times found it funny. Extensive added value with unique, free resources for instructors and students Three Decades of Innovation, Helping Instructors Prepare Students for the Evolving Challenges of the Contemporary Workplace The history of business communication over the past couple of decades has been one of almost constant change.

How do I flip my class today? Since the bulk of business communication is online now, I would like to see at least full chapter dedicated to texting, email and internet communication.

In addition, the exercises have a consistency in framework and resulting time required to do them. Communication is an essential aspect of business life. Bovee and Thill have the most extensive collection of free resources for instructors and students in the history of business communication publishing.

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Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Business Communication Chapter I didn't see any options communicaiton text banks, however; I would have liked to have additional resources for quizzes. As mentioned previously, I would prefer to have chapters at the beginning of the text along with chaptersas these topics equally relate to both writing and speaking, and are very timely - specifically intercultural communication and crisis communication. Improving How We Visualize and The next sequence of chapters focus on the process of writing, then oral performance with an emphasis on results.

I didn't encounter anything in the text offensive, though I don't recall an emphasis on multiculturalism or a variety of races dipicted in the visuals. For example, the book reference Aristotle and his concept of "ethos".

How to Lie with Charts: Business norms may change, but the main focus is on underlying writing and rhetorical competency, and any updates will be relatively easy and straightforward to implement. The comunication I reviewed had next-to-no graphics.

Half the Time, Double I quickly find the section I wanted and go straight to whatever page I wanted.

Business Communication

Discover how you can flip your own classroom. Tools for Talking When The book is comprehensive in regards to business communication, but it lacks a table of contents, index, or glossary for ease in finding the concepts presented in it. Business and Administrative Communication. It covers too many areas, would need to be "chunked" into smaller clusters.

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