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Config file and have saved it, it is time for you to send those changes to the remote Web server. Keywords assist your search engine rankings and can be added or modified later. It also explains a little bit about open source and why that aspect of DNN is important.

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All the files needed for a Web site to function properly must be transferred to the Web host so that they can be viewed by an Internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, for viewing Web pages, images, and so on. The next information the wizard requires is the home directory of your site. Selecting Portal enables the Administrators of each Web site to also be able to upload new skins and containers to their Web sites. This book is so outdated it's not even worth the paper it's published on.

At the time of this writing, it was not yet completed.

It is possible to use a port other than 80 and not require users to type it in the address bar, but that varies based on network configuration, which is beyond the scope of this book. To get the distribution package, go to www. Note the following information regarding your database: NET framework version 2.

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If you opt for little involvement, you can simply download the code or find a hosting provider who can set you up with a domain and hosting where you can build your DotNetNuke Web site. When originally developed, DotNetNuke was dependent on version 1. dotnetnkue

You may require more than one domain name, which is why we touch on the host headers again in the next section. Enter a description of the Web site into the Description text box. These dotnegnuke are now saved and you can test them.

They can join chat groups, post to members forums, subscribe rotnetnuke services, manage a photo gallery, share files, or any number of other things that you choose to let them do. Control panel software is normally developed by a third-party company and then purchased by hosting companies to offer as a service to their customers. If you want to change the word Cell on the registration form to Mobile Phone, this is where you do it. A template sets the initial pages and content for the new Web site.


Please be aware that DBO permissions are important because they allow various database calls such as insert and delete to be executed by the DotNetNuke framework and its modules. Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright?

See Chapter 3 for a rundown on the host settings. See Chapters 12 and 13 for some examples.

One of the great things about the Internet is that it levels the playing field when it comes to competing with the big boys. Any user can create dotnetnukf Web sites quickly and cheaply.

DotNetNuke For Dummies - PDF Free Download

Readers with an earlier or a later version of DNN will find small variations on how tasks are performed as well as different features. Modules are great because they are not tied down to a page. Because Sam and Grace are your friends, you add them to the Friends role. Click the Maximize button beside Other Settings.

DNN has a cool system for allowing you to manage advertising on your site. Enter a new password into the New Password and the Confirm Password fields. See Chapter 4 for more. SQL Server is an enterprise-level database and is capable of storing huge amounts of data while still remaining responsive to the user.

Katie Feltman Copy Editor: When you create a new portal, you also create a new folder on the Web server to store all the files associated with that site. This plain-English guide lets you discover how to:.

Fr is the user ID you chose when signing up for an account with the payment processing company.

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