Grave digger knights of the cross

The story incorporates many myths and legends i. Oh, this album may have songs about the Inquisition, but really now, that only effected wizards and witches — the Muslims were far less discerning in their violence. For example the intro to Knights of the Cross has a cool riff that is both slow and heavy.

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Grave Digger - Knights of the Cross - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

The one possible exception is Boltendahl, who is unusually upfront and showcased more than usual. I can go either way on this one, it has it's moments but is let down by it's place in the album's procession.

The closing "The Battle Crosz Bannockburn" goes back to the concept of the previous release with a gripping pipe introduction and an overall epic structure featuring a great chilling closure. The heavier keyboard presence coats the entire affair in melodrama that isn't necessarily always welcome. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

It also has digged orchestra stuff, church organ, and other effects that set the mude of the listeners! Knights of the Cross- Insane fucking speed metal!

About Album description 1 disk - 12 tracks - Total length: Nervertheless, the record is never just orientated on catchy hooks but te presents many interesting historic stories in the lyrics that are more versatile than ever before and even among the best the band has ever written. Anybody else should get hooked by my review and try this album out now.

Knights Of The Cross

I still knightw say it's the best record of the band but maybe the most complete work of the typical Grave Digger records. Existing as the second of three full-lengths that constitute Grave Digger's "Middle Ages Trilogy" Knights of the Cross finds itself exhibiting many of the amicable qualities present on classics like Heart of Darkness and Tunes of War. For example the intro to Knights of the Cross has a cool riff that is both slow and heavy. Another experiment comes with the slight oriental influences in "Fanatic Assassins".

But the verses found on here are total fucking CRAP. Geave, whiney background effects and slow vocals that try but totally fail to be groovy.

Besides, a slow ringing church bell adds to the atmosphere. The ov feels the need to shoehorn a Middle-Eastern themed track into nearly all of their albums, and Knights of the Cross is no exception, giving us "Fanatic Assassins". But the key factor that makes this song stand above most of their other speed metal songs in the same vein is the pre-chorus and chorus.

You can pinpoint the influences: Retrieved from " https: A minor change from Tunes of War crosss, at very least. The next four songs deals with the tragic end of the Order: Read the article More articles.

Knights of the Cross (album) - Wikipedia

Knights of the Cross Views Read Edit View history. The vocalist maintains a low vocal range, something that is hardly seen in this kind of metal. Baphomet- A midpaced number that totally works. Another good aspect about this album is the sounds and symphonics.

He is more than up to the challenge, but it does take away from Lulis' vehement riffs more often than I would like.

When I was young I liked the album but it didn't impress me all too much. Even back in the Middle Ages Islam commanded a fanaticism that commanded its subjects to all sorts of extreme violent and vile acts! The last song deals with the alleged help of former Templar Knights to the Scots during the Battle of Bannockburnwhich allowed them to acquire independence from the English rule "Battle of Bannockburn".

Released on October 12, by Gun. Most of the songs are total fucking winners, but there are a few downers.

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