Bad guy korean drama

TNmS Ratings in Korean. I thought after all, Geon-Ok will live in a happy life with Moon Jane. Opening it, they find a voice recording device.

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The reason why I wanted to see this was that I had just finished watching Coffee Prince which had Kim Jae Wook and wanted to continue watching all his dramas. For more details, please refer to our return policy. Please enable JavaScript in vrama browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase.

Quick Review and Thoughts on Bad Guy

After their unfruitful search at the hospital, Tae-sung drops Jae-in off. I felt angry with the ending, especially with Monae, who enjoy her lavish life without having any remorses. Lira Aug 13 9: I skipped that part I guess.

I bawled my eyes out. It is intense,and emotional, tear jerker here and there, just trust me you will feel the same feels you feel in this drama, obvious this drama is incomparable to anything else but Heartless city is very close, very close! Was she really just suffering from guilty conscience?

Meanwhile Jae-in is also on Jeju Island. Jae-in goes grocery shopping with her sister, intending to make Gun-wook that home cooking he loves so much. bae

The last ten minutes ruined this drama for me. Giggles Nov 02 6: Two murders, probably still chilling. What exactly can a person learn from this? Kim Nam Gil is a great actor in "Bad Guy. He is a VERY welcome contrast against the typical and still very welcome, mind you K-drama masculitronics.

Will the missing link take them right to Gun-wook?

Bad Guy () - IMDb

Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby". But the series was just so bad that I couldn't keep watching, even for his sake.

Thank you for your work. The story line was quite koreqn but the ending left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Jae-in holds him, and they share a moment as the embrace turns into a kiss. Selected Korean TV Dramas. And that no one knows that he is dead at the end. She has never said no to her parents and went through an arranged marriage.

Bad Guy - Korean Drama

I think he didn't go to the hospital after he got shot because he felt it was the way he would pay for tearing his own family apart. See, this is where I was screaming WTF!? But still, anyone who can help me? After that Koean could barely watch the show.

I'm disappointed too with the finale. Now I'm watching 'Gye Baek'. She works as a freelance designer for the evil Mrs. Always a step behind everybody else, the two cops arrive at the mental ward recently vacated by Gun-wook.

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