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June edited December May edited December What about the walk, kick, jump, run. Also, would you consider trying that out on an M4 or V4? I've heard good things about the PC version of Kinect as it allows for zoom for closer face capture.

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I do like Brekel pro body for roughing motion in, but i suspect until I learn more there is a lot of key framing still needed. All I did was crop out the T pose frames and trim the end frames. This is an experiment of using a simple character change of aniblocks from the "Shakespalien" animation.

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May edited May I haven't tried using a laptop camera for motion capture, so I wouldn't have any recommendations on kinwct point. As soon as you zeroed out the figure, it immediately lined up? Since this obscures joints Kinect doesn't seem to be able to handle anytype of spinning motion. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your kinfct. Let me know if you learn anything.

But I think that's because of the limitations of the kinect and my knowledge of its limitations. Lots more experimenting to be done.

Brekel Kinect Pro Face Motion Capture Test DAZ Genesis 5

Maybe it there was two kinects and Brekel pro body supported them. Most kknect my experiments have been with the Brekel Kinect software. Also, would you consider trying that out on an M4 or V4?

I think once it gets support for multiple Kinects it will allow for greater range of motion.

The sweet spot is about a stride forward and back and side to side. I then zeroed out the figure in that aniblock on a t-pose frame and. When I get some more time I'll post some of my results. I have gotten better results trying to capture them in side view rather than straight on. Any suggestions would brwkel greatly appreciated.

Your mocap tests were impressive. COM by clicking here.

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oro May edited December I have in Poser saving the DSON imported Genesis figure as a cr2 and creating a mimic file from it using the supplied. Both of these programs are so affordable! July edited December Plus I run into problems when joints cross oro other, like in a typical fighting stance, you have to modify you movement so that your limbs don't overlap. I am very interested in this and will definitely start saving my pennies if it works on Gen4 figures too!

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The one you want is the "Animate " version.

I am just learning so I am kind of guessing in everything I am trying.

Hi I'm seeking a bit of advice as I'm intrested in trying out motion capture but dont know the first thing about Kinect. I hope this helps a little.

I have emailed a question to Jasper the developer about importing our own models for blendshape matching.

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