Cbt nuggets oracle 11g

In this nugget we introduce the series. In this nugget we continue our discussion from the previous lesson. Monitoring and Resolving Locking Conflicts. Setting database initialization parameters; Describe the stages of database startup and shutdown

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Finally, we learn how to institute password complexity rules and resource utilization limits by rolling out oraclw. As such, an understanding of the data dictionary is crucial for anyone who presents himself or herself as an Oracle DBA. In this nugget we continue our discussion from the previous lesson.

In particular, we learn how to create and administer Oracle user accounts.

Undo data in Oracle enables us to restore previous data values if needed as well as provides us with multi-user access to database data. This nugget serves as a nice bookend to what we covered in the previous nugget.

Installing the Oracle software. Monitoring and Resolving Locking Conflicts. Administration 2 Oracle Exam 1Z hxxp: You will also nugges how to diagnose and resolve user process locking problems.

In this nugget we learn the basic mechanics of how to file issues with Oracle Support.

To that end, in this lesson we learn how to configure the Oracle network environment for maximum reliability, performance, and security. Automate database backups; Manage backups, view backup reports and monitor the flash recovery area Like performance tuning, backup and niggets is the other "centerpiece" subject on the OCP exams.

Using alert log and trace files; Using data dictionary and dynamic performance views Specifically, here we concentrate on a "laundry list" of security-related DBA tasks. Overview of Undo; Transactions and undo data; Managing undo Managing Automatic Workload Repository. In this nugget we learn how to install and configure Oracle Database 11g software. 111g

Using Standard Database Auditing. This is part one of a three-part nugget miniseries on performing Oracle backups and restores. Performing a Hot Backup. In this nugget we look at the other side of the disaster recovery coin: Tackling the 1Z Exam.

CBT Nuggets Oracle Database 11g DBA 1 1Z

Here we learn how to design and implement sequences and views. The same thing goes for Oracle Database 11g. Oracle support is not free, but if you have it you'll doubtless find it very comprehensive and extremely helpful. In this nugget we survey some of the major principles behind user account security in Oracle Database 11g. Using Data Pump Export and Import. As we know, the physical files are what comprises the Oracle 11g database, proper.

We begin our training my examining the architectural underpinnings of Oracle Database 11g.

As we delve deeper into Oracle DBA concepts, we examine the alert and trace logs, both rich sources of diagnostic and performance information. By the end of this nugget nuggwts will not only understand how subqueries work, but you'll be able to write both single-row and multi-row subqueries in either the simple or correlated processing formats.

Here we, again, cover the basic principles of this vast subject. Whereas in the previous lesson we learned how to install the Oracle 11g instance that is, background processes and memory structuresin this nugget we install an actual database by using the Database Configuration Assistant DBCA utility. We complete the training by learning to use the built-in Oracle tools for performing data import nuggets export.

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