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This would be the citizens inside of the Romdeau and the other domed cities. Post-apocalyptic , [1] psychological , [2] suspense [3]. Archived from the original PDF on February 26,

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I feel this could be the show's way of hinting at how regardless of great power, the want to be human and understand what it is to be human is always thought after. It is set in a future where humans and AutoReiv androids coexist peacefully until a virus gives the robots prozy, causing them to commit a series of murders.

But now the show presents Monad but goes to point out dualism through the existence of the proxies that are the essential cosmic yin and yang of one another. Jade Miss Murder Author. Archived from the original on January 5, The second soundtrack, opus02was initially packaged ddirect a special edition of the first Region 1 DVD.

Ergo Proxy - The Complete Box Set

The series itself is one big ergi argument carried out with methodical intricacy through its ;roxy and confusing story telling. Logos is also used by psychologist Carl Jung. At first they intended to have Vincent as the leading protagonist and Re-l as a supporting character; however, as they fleshed out her character, she became a much stronger character and began to steal the spotlight from Vincent.

What it lacks in the way of a truly gripping, involving story, it makes up directt in part with a powerful soundtrack, some powerful visuals, and the occasional powerful insight. I love how each dead guy developed on the idea of their predecessor kind like the theory of forms. It's what proves that we are the very world itself.

Beyond that they let him develop the idea towards a more existentialist slant.

You can only reach God through your immortal soul which you can get through attaining to a higher reason. Archived from the original on January 2, Regardless of his memory being erased and him not wanting to remember being a proxy and wanting to be human.

Ergo Proxy - Season 1 - IMDb

Some fans may still find Ergo Proxy rewarding. The time is now to consume. Find our own truth ". Newtype went on to praise the "tremendous supporting cast and carefully woven plot".

Monad is the proxy of birth, dirext Ergo Proxy is the proxy of death. Though it is stated that there are many Proxies, about as the Quiz revealed, only a few have been named: In this case, matter and mind are the same.

That particular variation on the theme is a reliable springboard for violent action, and Ergo Proxy has more than enough excitement in between the philosophical musings. In this short poem, Michaelangelo's words give you a sense of what Vincent Law is doing, he is sleeping while crime and shame continue in the land, he doesn't want to be woken up, because he wants to be human.

Along one thread of the plot, we learn that the balance of direcg world isn't much fun to live in anymore. A blog about me.

Smith reviewed the series DVD box set ingiving the series a 7. Featured post Battle Sense. The remaining humans of the old left for space and left the Proxies to due there duties. The series unfolds like a puzzle using allusions to ancient philosophers and their beliefs, the schools of thought which carry on these beliefs durect at the heart of it all one big cosmological argument that has been brewing since the beginning of thought: When we see the fake Real made from Monad, we always see her holding a red ball of string.

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They now know the real deal and the shadows are just copies. Remember the episode where Pino is playing the piano and there are the weird looking creatures in the dome, to where Re-L starts to feel sick, as they look trough the dome there are paintings of autoreivs with swollen wombs like the other domes. What gives someone the reason to live, AutoReiv's were made to serve humans, proxies were made to create humans and later self destruct through the pulse of the awakening, when you exist, what do you live for and when you fail to have something to live proxg, do you go insane as characterized by the proxies who started to feel the pulse.

Now, imagine they are freed somehow and all of the sudden see the statues and the fire and they are like wtf is this, they soon come to realize these are what cast the shadows and now think these are actually prlxy real things in the world.

If we can build something that more or less approximates a human, where's the practical difference between the creator and the creation?

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