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This page was last edited on 27 February , at Good thing there is a pause button the game is real time to re-issue orders. All other hired muscle is controlled by you immediate family or built in AI scripts which are pretty good. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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Adam 1 point. The game is very heavily a strategy game, utilizing a point and click interface. Download Gangsters 2 Windows Register Login.

English Choose a language for shopping. I almost thoughed for a second GOG had Gangsters 2 finnally for sale. Sign in Create account Sign in. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

You can bribe police officials, break your men out of prison, kidnap enemy gangsters, and more. Chotu 0 point.

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Eidos Interactive releases another batch of screenshots from its upcoming game based on organized crime.

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Over two years have passed since the original Gangsters. It seems your father a big time mobster was killed by the opposing family moving into the city. Dsurian Dsurian Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. And install the June directx runtimes. Gangsters 2 We snap some screens from a preview build of the upcoming strategy game based on organized crime. You buy blocks or take over those controlled by your enemies. I installed on windows 10 and works perfectly fine.

The manual is nice, explains pretty thoroughly what you can and can not do, and even walks you through the 1st two episodes. Latest on Gangsters 2: Businesses provide a certain amount of money per game-hour which translates to a few minutes of real timeand often you must sit around and wait until you have enough money to buy another place or hire more goons.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. We snap some screens from a preview build of the upcoming strategy game based on organized crime.

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DOS, Mac, Win 3. See all 10 Critic Reviews.

Would donate both nuts for Gangsters 3. But be careful, you better hire guards for you new place, because your opponent doesn't like you taking over and will soon dispatch his own thugs to reclaim lost businesses. While the original clearly had carved out a new niche genre, it was mired in complexity and micromanagement.

Gangsters 2: Vendetta

Also there are seasons, so later in the game you'll notice the snow falling. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. The game is almost unplayable on the city level, if only because the visible area is so small gangsrers there's no real indication of which buildings are visible. Happy to purchase from GOG once they get it up and running.

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