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Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts Release date: That bit of legal trouble kept Uniracers from having the larger print run it deserved, which means there's a good chance you never got to experience its inventive design that combined high-speed racing on wild, looping courses with a unique stunt system. You could grow bat wings or bird feathers. Super Tennis, though, was released back in the era when the sports needed no extra mascot or wild new control scheme to market themselves — they simply offered excellent, focused adaptations of their targeted athletic event. For a system known for its single player experience, there are still a ton of good co-op games for SNES.

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Mortal Kombat Release date: A Link to the Past made that series a legend. The early '90s was an era that saw the release of some sensational forced-scrolling shooters, and the SNES was lucky enough to receive an exclusive sequel in one of the most popular series of the time.

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The original Legend of Zelda for NES set the basic structure the series would continue to follow for the next quarter century. Sunset Riders' SNES edition is also another classic example of Nintendo's censorship policies in action in the early '90s, though not for any violence this time around — instead, the Big N had Konami put some more clothes on some scandalous dancing girls and removed some Native American enemies.

There were amazing two player racing gamesbrawlers, RPGs, and more that were a blast to play with a friend or little brother who always had to be player two. Earthworm Jim 2 Release date: This head-to-head fighter was a fusion of the best elements of its age.

Marto Mamario added Kirby's Dream Land 3 - games - But we'll get to that. Illusion of Gaia was something of a spiritual sequel to it — and was done so well that Nintendo actually took notice of the game and published it as a first-party release here in America.

Don't move fast enough of make the right matches, bombermann, and Bub and Bob just hang their little heads in shame at your incompetence. Legend of the Seven Stars. The Alien Wars Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout are a trio of time-traveling Norsemen who've gotten themselves into quite a puzzling predicament.

An incredibly striking journey every step of the way, and unlike anything else on the SNES. Samuel Gavassi Pismel added Super Bomberman 3 It's the video game equivalent of work. Breath of Fire was Capcom's original attempt at carving bombberman their own piece of the bit RPG pie, the first installment in a role-playing series that would go on to see four future sequels — including one we've already featured earlier on this list.

Super Bomberman 4

When Sony's first PlayStation arrived, people started getting drawn to its modern media format and promise of 3D visuals. The level design, like Tiny Toons, took its cues from the show's most memorable episodes. X was the first — though certainly not the last — reinvention of Mega Man. Bust-a-Move was one of the best new puzzle designs to come out of the SNES age, as it challenged players to line up and launcher that fired colored marbles and send them sailing into a crowd of similarly shaded spheres descending down the screen.

Because of some complicated circumstances surrounding the rights to Disney intellectual properties around the time of Aladdin's film release, the movie adaptation that SNES players got was entirely different than the game of the same name launched for Genesis owners.

March of the Black Queen. It's a bit upsetting to get to The Legend of the Mystical Ninja here on our countdown, because it reminds us how many different Goemon games have never been localized for American audiences. And since Capcom was the company doing the development, the end result ended up feeling like these X-Men got loose in a Mega Man game, running, jumping and blasting their way through side-scrolling stages lorded over by some of the baddest villains from the show.

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Be sure to leave your thoughts! Soul Blazer wasn't a direct sequel to ActRaiser sens anything, but its premise was similar — you again played as a heaven-sent angel character tasked with restoring the wholeness of the world after a demonic cataclysm.

The first racing game to make the cut for our countdown, Kemco's Top Gear 2 represented a step up from what racing games had been in the previous generation — but not too drastic boomberman step. The Castlevania series has a long and distinguished legacy, and Super Castlevania IV is among the best it has to offer.

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The third old-school Blizzard title we're featuring from the company's pre-WoW era is Rock 'N Roll Racing, an isometric vehicular battler that had you cruising around wild tracks while blaring heavy metal music blasted out of whatever tinny speakers you had your old SNES hooked up to. Really poorly translated text. The game itself was also superb, serving as one of the earliest appearances of the famous Bomberman Battle Mode that has gone on to become such a staple of party gaming since.

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