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Cancel does the same, but with a blank image preview area. This is a handy feature that gives you even greater creativity. Here, you can select from either the Effects or Enhancements menus, selectable by clicking the arrows beside the text box.

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The main difference between the PhotoPrinter and the Pro version is the ability to layout multiple images on a page the other version only allows one image to be printed multiple times on a page and the addition of a text feature. We found the user interface extremely navigable, with no complicated screens.

This returns you to the main screen. To perform multiple functions, you'd have to make the initial adjustment, save the image and select Okay, then come back to select another one. Don't let the "Pro" appendage fool you, this program retains all the ease and simplicity of ArcSoft's other digital imaging software products and is fun to use.

A selection of aspect ratios is available on the left hand side allowing you to freehand crop the image phofoprinter moving the dotted lines. To photoprintdr different images on the same page, all you have to do is select the box on the layout template where you'd like to place another image and double click it or click the Get Photo button.

After cropping, it's a good idea to click the Save As button at the bottom right side photoprunter the screen and save the image under a different name from the original. Clicking the arrow next to the top left text box lets you switch between Landscape and Portrait cropping options. Clicking the Setup icon will open the Windows Installation Wizard. Additionally, the Sort Photo button lets you sort images in an album by file name, size, photoprinrer, etc.

Here, you can select from either the Effects or Enhancements menus, selectable by clicking the arrows beside the text box. September 11, EZ Print Page If you'd like to print a copy of this review to read off-line, click here for a version minus the navigation bar, tables, etc.

ArcSoft PhotoPrinter Pro - ArcSoft Software Informer.

Here, as photoprinted the other screens, you have the option to Save As, Cancel or click Okay. Cancel does the same, but with a blank image preview area. As with PhotoPrinteryou can only make one adjustment at a time on this screen.

Under Enhancements, you can adjust image values like brightness, hue, saturation, etc. Clicking on the arrows next to the left text box lets you choose between portrait and landscape layout templates. PhotoPrinter Pro also gives you the option of adding text to an image, through the Edit Text button on the main Layout Screen. Overall, we really liked the straightforward operation of this program.

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Like the rest of ArcSoft's digital imaging software, PhotoPrinter Pro takes only a couple minutes to install. The rest photoprniter the option buttons work the same way, as they apply to whatever image box is selected in the layout.

Like its sister, the PhotoPrinterthe Pro version is extremely versatile and user-friendly, providing a nice arcsofr of photo manipulation tools and printing options. The software CD comes with a small sample image album, but you can also pull up an album of your own or acquire images from any TWAIN device such as a digital camera or scanner.

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Visit ArcSoft's Product information page. Under the Effects menu, you have several creative options which allow you to manipulate the image into an oil painting or a sketch, apply ripples or fisheye effects and many others.

A minimal software package contains the software CD and a tiny manual neatly stashed away in the jewel case. Launching the application pulls up the main Layout Screen, which features a page preview window and several option buttons. 200 is only a minor criticism, but can be time consuming if you want to make several adjustments.

Once you've selected your image, you can crop it by hitting the Crop Photo button which takes you to the Crop Photo Screen. The Copies plus and minus buttons increase or decrease the number of copies to be printed. Stephanie Boozer Review Posted: This is a great product with loads of features and capabilities!

On the left side of the screen is the layout section, which allows you to select a layout template from a menu of options. Selecting the Get Photo button on the main screen which flashes until you click on it arcxoft you to the Get Photo Screen where you can select the image you want to print. Like PhotoPrinterthe Pro version provides a bevy of image effects and enhancements to choose from.

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