Background animation in flash

Flash 8 Animated Background II. This falling diamonds background can be used for any projects that requires a touch of glittering, sparkling, love, romance or valentine mood. Doesn't quite look right, does it? Realistic Butterfly with depth and blur effect.

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A background artist is charged with creating an environment that fits the actions that take place in each scene. You don't want to bring your visitor's processor to its knees. When you are panning a background with multiple layers, you need to think about the camera animatino and relative depth of your layers. For the sake of brevity, let's keep things simple and talk about panning the background.

The simplest thing to do is to make Bob move with the scroll. Create a new blank movie clip, and name it Bob. You can create impressive plasmatic waves animation snimation your adv.

I don't know about you, but I just xnimation think that Bob would move like that. Backgrounds in traditional animations are created for each shot.

Open the Bob movie clip again. Realistic Butterfly with depth and blur effect. Falling snow accumulates on graphical obstacle. TIP You'll be sorely tempted to use gradients and alpha transparency when you build these backgrounds because the effects that you can get are so cool.

Totally Action Script Power. Controlling the panning of the background is critical when you are working with a looped animation such as a walking sequence.

This is going to require some effort on his part. This creates an aspect change and enhances the depth effect.

Create animated backgrounds

Obstacles can be moved or changed dynaically. For Bob to lift his legs probably takes some effort. Logo Templates to Stimulate Your Imagination. You can control every detail via ActionScript.

Create transparent backgrounds in a SWF file

There's so much that you can do in Flash to add life to your background. If you tween them so that their left sides line up with the left side of the Stage at the same time, they will appear to move at different speeds. Your background can be a single layer, or you can go for multiple layers to create the illusion of depth. This effect using flash8 blendMode.

Corporate Identity Business Brochures Get your design ideas buzzing bzckground floral watercolor illustration sets and bundles! Try not to do that, or, at least, try to be judicious in your use of these techniques. That way, you can actually put your background in a looping movie clip and give the impression that you are continuously panning in one direction.

Animating Your Backgrounds | Flash MX Animation Techniques | Peachpit

At least, not unless he was being poked by a cattle prod. Publishers of technology books, eBooks, and videos for creative people. When Bob drops his legs, I think he'll take a short rest before pulling himself forward. Not only do you have a character in motion, but you have your background in backgroubd as well.

Even though you haven't moved the new instance of Bob yet, go ahead and right- or Control-click and select Create Motion Tween from the pop-up menu.

It's about pixels.

Diamonds of course are a way of showing the valentine love. Drag a copy of Bob from the Library onto the Stage.

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