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I unlocked BBtorch to Tmobile and i notice that the social feed icon desapeared, how can i download it again. I noticed that you can sign into twitter and fb but it requires both apps to be installed so whats the point? Storm 2 is almost a year old and thus end of life.

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Blacbkerry can also use the new keyword search feature to quickly locate specific topics of interest, or specific content. I just downloaded the socialscope application and they have way more social network you can add to stay update in one app.

Kirsty is a member of the Product Management team responsible for the Facebook for BlackBerry, Twitter for BlackBerry and Social Feeds applications, and works closely with RIM internal teams on product readiness initiatives and go-to-market strategies. As a result, Social Feeds is one single access point to stay on top of — and in touch with — all of your online social networks. We don't want to have to switch cellular companies each time an update comes out for us to get blackbery latest update.


I like blackerry feature but one thing that drive me nuts and forced me to remove Facebook from it was the darn thing buzzing every 15 minutes to let me know one of my friends on Facebook wrote something on their wall. This is one of my favorite features it is soooo coool and so easy to use. From the Social Feeds 2. Log in or Sign up.

BlackBerry 7: Inside Social Feeds | Inside BlackBerry

Keep an eye on http: I would recommend taking a look at our developers webpage: Or, perhaps you'll be happy with the default set of subscriptions that cover World News, Sport, Technology, Entertainment, Business and more I like things separately and it would decrease my already precious screen real estate since I'm forced to use the stock screen until theme builder comes out next year.

The update is worth that much for us users. When I post to twitter and facebook via social feed my updates show up on facebook but not on twitter!

The one real blqckberry I find myself keeping social feeds is the "Favorites" option. How do I re-add it to show up there? TIME to upgrade to the Torch or await for its rebirth in a new device.

This handy feature lets you mark feeds for viewing at a later date. Camera and space bar: I hate the exclusivitity agreements that are being formed. To view information from a specific app within Social Feeds 2.

The time now is What do you like the most about Social Blackberey 2.

Or be able to sync with Google Reader. This also applies when you are looking at your RSS and Media views. I just realized I almost forgot the most important part of all when it comes to Social Feeds 2. Social Feeds was arguably one of the most beloved apps feedss BB 7. Since I worked on the Social Feeds app, I thought nlackberry would be great to talk about it in more detail with you.

In the Social view, you can view updated feeds from your social applications, as well as your instant messaging applications. I love that Sean used my contact card in this post — and I still need coffee.

When will this OS will be available for the BB ?

CrackBerry Poll: Do you use Social Feeds in BlackBerry 6?

Advanced Social Feeds users with a lot of information in their feeds will appreciate sociak new Flagged Items feature. The purpose of social feeds is to occupy simple minds.

Even if you had to diable the click to blackherry the upgrade, I am ok with that. That was one of the first apps I deleted off the phone because I knew I wouldn't use it. Without leaving the app, drill-down on Tweets, follow users, view hashtag searches.

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