Flash actionscript examples

One or more ActionScript source files A. Example comes preloaded with a small, medium, and large explosion effects. Depending on what we place between the parenthesis, the action associated to the button will take place in one or another moment. If you like to learn from opensource projects:

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ActionScript 3 samples for Flash Professional

These examples usually contain multiple files including:. Explore a starship game where obstacles and laser fire are dynamically generated through building game levels. You can use the following function to set up a text field to use for tracing: RuntimeAssetsExplorer Movie clip example: Many examples do not require a particular Stage size.

Explore an interactive screen where an animation is controlled by click location. This code is characteristic of the buttons and allows us to control the pressing.

Flash ActionScript Examples

The second line is the action that will be taken place. If you want to run the example on a mobile device, you can either copy the files to the device or to a web server.

Explore the transitions available in ActionScript 3. Examlpes class-based example looks like this:. Explore an example of a stopwatch-style timer. The first line has the same function that in the previous case In the second line we can see the property. I just got it to work compile, build and start a blank piece of nothing and now I need to see what I can do with the ActionScript code.

All I need is code.

But dont lose yourself in code, there is a lot visual stuff that can faster be build using the Flash IDE, so find a nice workflow, instead of limiting yourself. Click Finish to create the project and the main ActionScript file. Performs collision detection, display updates and more.

You can run the ActionScript 3. From Wiki on Blitting: Capturing user input The mobile operating system and browser capture some user input events that the SWF content does not receive. For it, we'll select this button and later we will open the Actions Panelmaking sure that this does reference to our button.

Eexamples, examples work when using a pointer device to select or drag a display object. Loading RSS data from the Internet. That value is a string either a String instance or a string literal.

Use software provided with the device to copy the file. Click Next to continue. A new Flash window is displayed. Building a Telnet client. Newspaper-style text formatting PlayList Arrays example: Explore an interactive screen where keyboard controls change the thrust of an animation.

A Wiki parser WordSearch Mouse input example: Learn AS3 coding standards, learn to write clean readable code, later try to learn design patterns.

For more information about focus, see Managing focus. Save the MXML file.

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