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Would like the option to have phrases spoken at full speed. In the Tags tab, click on the 3-dots icon top-right just below Tags label and select Import user vocab file. This is great news for Hanping Cantonese Dictionary users in particular because none of our apps previously supported a Cantonese soundboard. Thanks guys keep up the good work!

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It used to be too time consuming to create better than basic cards on Anki, but that's all changed now.

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Lite 汉英词典 for Android - APK Download

But, I think that it would be better if guys can give us an add-on of Classical Chinese just like Pleco, Pleco has got much better than Hanping in almost every aspect now. Great but needs one more feature. Best Chinese Dictionary Period More features than any desktop application, complete with offline sounds and add-on dictionaries that even add the parts of speech for every word.

Emailed and got prompt reply. Some times crash but only haning times: If you're not satisfied, for any reason, within 30 days you get a full refund, period, no questions asked.

I can only paste Pinyin that is without tone marks.

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Lite 汉英词典

Button to randomize words will be very useful too. The lite version has everything the casual uanping would want but if you are really learning Chinese you need the whole thing. It is easy to use and I recommend the pro version for anyone serious about learning Chinese.

The best one of available ones. Best Chinese app on android. One of the best apps to learn mandarin. The definitions are in English only, and Hahping often find them confusing and innacurate. Is a great dictionary and is very usefull.

Living in China I use this pretty much every day. That's a failure rate of one in five - not good enough. English to Spanish, French, etc. In the Tags tab, click on the 3-dots icon top-right just below Tags label and select Import user vocab file. Updated to 5 stars for developer being on top of things the app itself is great btw. Simply point your camera at some Chinese text to get all the English definitions. Love how they uanping it with some use cases.

Mark from support is an amazing guy. It helps me a lot to learn and understand Chinese.

It has everything you need: This is my very favorite Chinese dictionary, as well as amazing learning tool. Like, while writing Chinese, the app always able to translate the sentence even though its the literal meaning of every characters.

You can then pick any text file and Hanping will automatically extract vocab from it.

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Its widget is godlike! Category books reference Latest Version 6. Hanping Chinese Camera 2. Love this app, very useful for learning Mandarin. Hanping first gives you a preview of ALL the words it finds before you proceed with the import.

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