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Revised pages are marked with "10" near the para. Must've been a hiccup with their provider or mine Alternatively, if the exact power source settings had been recorded and those settings are what is specified on the WPS, it would not be necessary to establish the instantaneous power or energy. Puget Sound Olympic - Section By js55 Date

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ASME BPVC IX (2010): Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Part IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications

These changes become mandatory January 1, Rochester - Section Not logged in American Welding Society Forum. That paragraph said that when a welder qualified on a production weld, the acceptance criteria were that specified in the Code Section applicable to the component that was being built.

One down side of this technology is that ordinary volt and ammeters, even RMS meters, do not measure the arc energy i. Btw, I have had Walt's site in my own bookmarks for quite some time now Jon which is why I posted that something wasn't working right from their end because, I also used the bookmark to go to the site and it didn't work either, so who knows what the heck happened the other day.

Summary of changes sextion given in Edition in the start.

Instantaneous power or energy: By js55 Date And what does the Code mean by the term "describe? GMAW waveform controlled power supplies require the welder to input the wire type and size, the shielding gas composition and the wire feed speed; this allows the programming to control the volts and the amps very precisely and rapidly during welding.

Power sources that support rapidly pulsing processes e. Fortunately for most of us, computer controlled power supplies are capable of measuring and recording the volts and amps at the same frequency that the computers control those volts and amps. How about the reverse of that scenario?

Page 8 of 10 tions. Most waveform controlled power sources can also be used without the waveform shape controls active; if that is permitted by the WPS, then voltage must be specified in the WPS when waveform control is inactive.

Summary of Changes in ASME Sec IX, Edition

By jon Date Download this 2MB Powerpoint-based explanation and find out! Waveform controlled power sources that have programs that are suitable for welding open root joints made from one side will be operating in the short-circuiting transfer mode.

Most of us in the welding industry are aware that equipment manufacturers have moved id motor-generator welding power supplies to solid-state power supplies over the last 30 years.

Good stuff but maybe easier just to send people ic Walt's website as he has a myriad ux excellent articles there! By ssbn Date The committee prepared Appendix H which provides guidance on these matters.

Similarly, if a welder has learned to weld using a waveform controlled power source, he should practice using a non-waveform controlled power source if he will use one in production. With waveform control of the power source, ordinary volt and ammeters are useless for determining arc energy; the only way to measure the arc energy is to measure the volts and amps instantaneously and to integrate those measurements over time.

If mechanical testing per QW We will conduct a day of training is your designated QC Manager. When the WPS specifies a conventional power source, the WPS must specify the more traditional volts, amps and travel speed limits.

Power sources that are marketed as synergic, programmable or microprocessor controlled are generally capable of waveform controlled welding.

ASME Section IX Articles

assme HSB has the same service for their customers, and for all Codes, but without Walt's inimitable humor. Quite a few gigs of bookmarks at the present. Again, assuming the same qualified maximum heat input, one might specify a voltage range of 28 to 30, then using 30 volts, prepare the following table: Sperko is President of Sperko Engineering, a company that provides consulting services in welding, brazing, metallurgy, corrosion and ASME Code issues located at www.

A, fusion welded pipe, was added as Grade 91 with a P-number of PE, Group 1; it should be noted that the ASTM specification for this material requires it to be normalized and tempered after welding.

Section IX does not require any separate testing of the welder when using waveform controlled power sources, but they are sufficiently different that 2001 welder qualified with an ordinary power source should get training in how to use his new waveform controlled power supply, and he should practice with it before going into production.

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