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I played it for a short while at launch. As punishment for their experimentation with steam technology, their curse of blood boils in their veins. It was alright, I enjoyed the variety of magic classes they had. The Punishers are herald of chivalry, elite armored knights that protect the well-being of the Buvont Royalty.

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The DLC will include an increased level cap, two new races and more. Brawler Crafting powerful magic on the very frontier of physical existence, these powerful mages are like nothing Montel has seen before. Specialized carrier designed to golld down aerial units; Relatively lightly armored rides with very long range attack.

PvP was pretty blqck at launch, though I guess that was due to healers being so damn ridiculously OP me and a friend was literally 2v10ing if they didn't have a healer Standard issue anti-personnel carriers, Raid types offer high mobility and maneuverability.

I really want this on steam: I guess they finally pulled the plug. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The typical dwarf is stout and strong; most are greedy and some take their long beards very seriously. Aerial is the specialized carriers designed to take down aerial units.

Black Gold Online will be receiving its first major update in the near future. Their mastery of holistic treatment and earth magic make them excellent healers and auxiliaries in battle, specializing in instantaneous single-target healing. Really, no invert mouse here either?

Black Gold Online Forums Activity. The Yutons were taken under the rule of Kosh as a protectorate yold, the humans were left alone to govern themselves. The Buvonts are smart, agile and exceptionally adaptive.

Out of date info? It's also incredibly pay to win, or at least was, since last I checked they had literally pulled out the goldd shop from the game.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Still looking for private servers though Unleashing the harsh chill of wilderness upon their unsuspecting victims, the Beastmaster calls powerful creatures to accompany them into battle.

Is the game still active? March into the volatile land of Montel, a continent torn apart by two distinct factions of war.

Weekly Scheduled Discussions The following topics are posted weekly. Submit a new link. Assault vehicles and beasts have armor-piercingbonuses against all ground units.

It was a pretty bad game.

Black Gold Online? : MMORPG

On one side you have the Erlandir kingdom, onlne, shamanistic, and reliant upon the power of their magic to defend their homeland. Ravencypher Apr 26 9: Assault vehicles and beasts have armor-piercing bonuses against all ground units. Submit a new text post. Want to add to the discussion?

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The Anti-air has the special ability to lock-on to targets and use attacks that track down a moving enemy. Did this ever get greenlit? But when I was looking up info back in December or so it seemed gols everything was dead. I always say my fondest memory of it was me and some random guy stopping in the middle of questing to lolchat about how bad it was lol.

Drawing rejuvenating power from sinister and ancient secrets.

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