Bombay tenancy and agricultural lands act 1948

Tenant to bo given first option of purchasing site on which he has built a dwelling house. The tenant, therefore, filed an application under Section 84 of the Act for summary eviction of the landlord from those lands. Manager to pay costs of management etc.

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If a tenant refuses agricuktural fails to purchase the land or a dwelling house offered to him under this section, and the land or the dwelling house, as the case may fce, is sold to any other person under this section, the landlord shall be entitled to evict such tenant and put the purchaser in possession].

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It shall state in its application the industrial or commercial operations carried on by it and give all other particulars qualifying it for approval. On the termination of the said management, the estate shall be delivered into tehancy possession of the holder, or if he is dead, of any person entitled to the said estate together with any balances which may be due to the credit of the said holder.

The aggrieved petitioner thereupon invoked the revisional jurisdiction of the State Government under Section of the Bombay Lands Revenue On receipt of the application, the Registrar shall endorse on it the date of its receipt by him and acknowledge its receipt. The Bombay Merged Territories Mr. State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Persons to be deemed tenants.

Bhortakke Dead By Lrs. Section 84B Certain transfers made between appointed date and commencement of Amending Act,invalid. Effect of declaration of management.

Provided that any order issued to village officers under sub-section 2 of section 73 shall be issued by the Mamlatdar to whom such!

Bar to eviction from dwelling house. Replacement Series No- XX — p.

Provided further that, the tenant snd a landlord who is entitled to the benefit of land proviso to sub-section 3 of section 31 shall be deemed to have purchased the land on the 1st say of Aprilif no separation of his share has been effected before the date mentioned in that proviso.

Signature of Landlord or his authorised agentSignature or thumb mark of tenant or his authorised agent. Abolition of all cesses, etc. Jamnadas, [] Language English. Dwelling houses of agricultural labourers, etc. Ramachandra Dattatreya Desai v. Save as expressly provided by or under tins Act.

bombay tenancy and agricultural lands act

Section 32K Mode of payment of price by tenant-purchased sfand the power of Tribunal to recover purchase price. I am entitled to purchase the above land under Sub-Section 3 of Sec. Provision of section 34 to apply to land, coming into possession of person on gift, etc. Every such claim other than agriculfural. Plot No, or Hissa No. Provided that, the tenant shall be entitled to restoration of the land under this sub-section only if he undertakes to cultivate the land personally and of so much thereof as together with the other land agricutural by him as owner or tenant shall not exceed the ceiling area.

The Tribunal shall have an official seal of its own, which shall be kept in the custody of the Registrar. Board Agrkcultural Industrial Financial Reconstruction. Rent and its maximum and minimum.

Bom II of The Collector or an officer authorised by the State Government in that behalf under proviso to Sub-Section 1 of Section 63 shall not allow any further period except with the prior approval in writing of the State Government. Laxman Dhanu Laman And Others… v. The following pedigree table would The Mamlatdar, the Mahalkari, or as the case may be, the Tahsildar shall thereupon, with the least possible delay, return the said notice or copy along with the said endorsement of the officer concerned, to the Registrar.

Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, Section 23 Repairs of protective bunds 1 Notwithstanding any agreement, usage or custom to the contrary, if it appears to the [State] Government that the construction, maintenance or repairs of any bunds protecting any land held by a tenant is neglected due to a dispute between the landlord and the tenant or for any other reason, it may by an order in writing direct that the construction, maintenance or repairs shall be carried out by such persons as may be specified in the order and the cost thereof shall be recoverable from the person in actual possession of the land as arrears of land revenue.

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