Civil war secret missions

The Remington Model is the same as it was in the first game no changes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reload times vary from weapon to weapon, with muskets taking a long time to reload, and repeating rifles taking a relatively short time.

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I took another shot with the exact same result.

fivil History Channel Civil War: All this publication's reviews Read full review. Even worse, when you complete a level, the gameplay abruptly ends and displays a stat screen without any kind of contextual explanation as to how your mizsions contributed to your side or harmed your enemies.

Considering that you're probably not a history professor with a focus on the Civil War, having a bit of an understanding as to how your success during a mission actually affected what happened more than years ago is pretty important.

History Civil War: Secret Missions - Wikipedia

The following firearms were featured in the video game History Channel Civil War: Secret Missions attempts to get around this logistical nightmare by infusing the battlefield with a larger number of repeating rifles or single action pistols that players can pick up and wield, and while you're restricted by carrying a primary and secondary weapon, as well as grenades, you can easily switch back and forth between firearms. The game features intense, tactical combat. Interesting note is how the gun can be fired, reloaded, and fired very quickly by only one person when in reality, a whole crew would be needed.

For example, Activision and Cauldron teamed up with the History Channel two years ago to present a glimpse of the Civil War, but it was plagued by generic play and lots of technical issues. Players can ignore or accept these bonus objectives.

The Colt Model Revolving Rifle returns and is basically the same as it was in wr first game, though it is more accurate this time. Views Read View source View history. Go on 11 Secret Missions!

This game takes the player through secret missions that took place on both sides of the war. IGN praised the graphics but panned the length of the game. It is a new weapon in the game, and is not very common, it is shown as being reloaded by inaccurately pulling the barrel of and swapping it with a new miesions barrel one, also like all the guns in the series percussion caps are never replaced.

History Channel: Civil War - Secret Missions Achievements

Retrieved from " http: It was very dangerous, as it had a defect similar to the Colt Revolving rifle, whereas one barrel could cause a chain explosion. Dawn at Chancellorsville - CSA.

Views Read Edit View history. Playstation Official Magazine UK. All events are inspired by the actions of famous partisans, scouts, and rangers.

The History Channel: Civil War - Secret Missions for PlayStation 3 Reviews - Metacritic

Instead, the development of each segment comes across like a disjointed set of missions where, for the most part, you go from point A to B, killing soldiers that are dressed in a different color than you or your allies. In History Civil War: Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson, and Ulysses Grant. PCXbox Retrieved October 27, History Channel Civil War: This page was last edited on 24 Septemberat It is based on authentic Civil War combat methods, artillery barrages, urban assaults, secrst, and stealth.

Archived from the original on The player's goal is to disrupt the armies of both the North and South by any means necessary, including stopping enemy supply lines, stealing ironclad ships and sabotaging enemy strongholds.

This doesn't impart a sense of these missions, nor does it cover enough of the Civil War to do the battle justice. The player is able to use a wide range of weaponry in each mission, all of which are historically accurate and were used by combatants during the Civil War. It can first be seen in the mission 'Doctor Gatling's Secret Weapon', located in some bushes near the wagon just outside the farm where the Gatling Gun was stationed.

These range from letters and journal pages written by both Union and Confederate soldiers, to photographs of historic locations and individuals.

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