Darwin streaming server

All have the same results: Log in or Sign up. Enter your new administrator's password.

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Darwin Streaming Server

The default relay can accept only forwarded media streams using the RTSP announce protocol. Did a brand new install and it won't work. It could be a firewall issue.

If you do not have a valid streaming server SSL certificate installed, do not check the box to activate this feature. Thank you for the great tutorial that helped me to successfully install DSS.

Enter your new administrator's password.

Relays are used to accept a stream from one streaming server and send the stream on, or "relay" it, to another streaming server. Also, remember to point your domain name's A record to your server first, so you can access your server via your domain name. The installation works seamlessly using the above steps. This will enable encryption between the administration server and the web client.

Darwin Streaming Server

Specify the administrator user's password You must also enter a password for the streamign user [Note: No, create an account now. If you found any fix. I have modified the installers etc to streamjng with just about any CentOS install and should work fine with Fedora and Ubuntu server.

The Iptable is OFF on the linux machine and the firewall is also turned off in the local windows machine where the stream is being accessed.

The Default Relay relays all darwim broadcasts that are automatically announced to the streaming server to one or more destinations. I am able to see the movie Info but the stream does not start. UDP streams are not supported. In this pane, you can view information about the client users currently connected to your streaming server. Go into the directory to the DarwinStreamingSrvr4.

Also, you might need the lzma package from rpmforge to rebuild this source rpm. All it does is restarts the service everytime. Error Log Example Screen. You will then be required to enter the administrator username and password you created when installing Darwin Streaming Server.

Need more focus on firewall, iptable rules to get right ports opened in firewall. I started off from a CentOS 5. Any currently connected clients at the time of a power failure or server crash are never logged, and won't appear in the access log when the server is restarted. Based on the same code base as QuickTime Streaming Server, Darwin Streaming Server provides a high level of customizability and runs on a variety of platforms allowing you to manipulate the code to fit your needs.

For more on this, go to our hosting page at http: You can display the information in a number of ways using the onscreen controls:. Create your HTML page e.

If the passwords are the same, the installation will be complete, and you will see the following confirmation message:. Create the administrator user In order to administer the Darwin Streaming Server you must create an administrator user [Note: I noticed that rpmbuild is not in "Development Tools" included: Log in with your Apple codes You will now see the following: I'm seeing the same error Malformed Packet:

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