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From the moment she sees him, Navya feels a strange pull towards him. She is born and brought up in a nuclear family with her banker father, housewife mother, a bratty younger brother and a quick-tongued grandmother. Kya Mast Hai Life. His only expectation from his daughter, Navya, is to get a degree followed by a happy married life. But, deep down he is a traditionalist, a conformist who believes in the old-world values of joint families and arranged marriages.

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anantt Been a full-time homemaker for years now, she shares an extreme comfort level with her husband. But, deep down he is a traditionalist, a conformist who believes in the old-world values of joint families and arranged marriages.

In all senses, he is a self-made man, and it is for this reason that he is highly respected by everyone, including his near and dear ones.

Meeta, his wife, is constantly worrying about his hours and the stress he takes, but he shrugs her off as he feels he can't afford the luxury of a holiday or lighter working hours Meeta Mishra.

Anant and Navya - Wallpaper

Shankar Dayal just overlooks the business and is mostly involved in his lectures. Om Prakash is the one actively running the publishing house, Geeta Press. Being the eldest bahu of the house, she takes care of every section of household-running that is allotted to her.

She knows the hierarchy and rules of the house, and makes sure that she wxllpaper follow it to the T. Unlike some of the aant in the contemporary world, she firmly believes nagya women should make compromises if that is required for the larger happiness of the family. Kya Mast Hai Life. To Anant, she is a loving mother, someone who understands that his troubles are a result of the adolescent phase he is going through and that her son is merely growing up.

Her friends enjoy better freedom at home - one of them also has a boyfriend and Navya secretly wishes for one who would do mushy things for her, yet she is happy waplpaper her own world. She has forever lived by the dictum that being a silent wife and daughter-in-law is the way of life for wallpaaper woman. Sometimes, she gets overwhelmed by the modern teenage world and turns to her elder daughter for comfort and reassurance.

Like most youngsters today, Navya has middle class parents, who constantly struggle between being parents and friends to their children.

Innocent and sweet, she dreams wistfully of a fairytale romance, especially when Ritz falls in love. He earns a nominal income, and is living in a company flat in Malad.

However, she does not think even for a minute that he will not grow to conform to the family's traditions and practices Navya symbolises the new young generation of India. She has a very quiet countenance and does not get upset or angry easily. Navya maintains a distance from boys and finds great comfort in her childhood friends Ritz and Appy.

From the moment she sees him, Navya feels a strange pull towards him.

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Posted by admin at His life before meeting Navya included following the path chalked out by his family and did not think even for a second that he could fall in love. He respects and loves his father more than anyone in the world and wants to make him proud and happy in whatever he does.

AnantBiographyShaheer sheikh. Deepak is a typical Indian father who is quite loving and caring but with a distinct set of rules set to keep his daughter away from the big bad world.

She does not make sly attempts to hide her lifestyle and choices from navyx family.

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Though not the best at household chores as she sometimes burns the rice and adds extra salt in the dal but the family nnavya her for who she is. Episode 1- Navya in Trouble. AnantNavyaShaheer sheikhSoumya seth. Shankar Dayal Bajpai is the patriarch of the Bajpayee family.

Over time, the story beautifully captures Navya and Anant's journey of love and their trials and tribulations in trying to stay uniquely Indian and yet moving ahead with the time. He is as stern as his father and can be harsh with his words.

She is talkative and friendly and extremely lovable. Retrieved 8 April And every incident seems to draw anatn together, and finally they fall in love. Almost a sibling to Navya, this year-old Ritika acts as a mentor to her on most of the occasions.

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