Dictionary of electrical engineering

This reduces the spectral bandwidth and out-of-band spectrum, to meet adjacent-channel power rejection requirements. Class G amplifiers are more efficient than class AB amplifiers since they use the maximum supply voltage only when required, while a class AB amplifier always uses the maximum supply voltage. Current-Sense Amplifier An amplifier that measures current by measuring the voltage drop across a resistor placed in the current path.

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Set-Top Box Solutions page. A form of Signal Strength Indicator. Also may be called Reverse Breakdown Voltage. Switching Regulator Applications See: MegaBaud RS logic-level compatible data rates that are 1Mbps or higher. Megachips per Second Mcps: An RTC generally contains a long-life battery to allow it to keep track of the time even when there is no power applied.

(PDF) Comprehensive Dictionary of Electrical Engineering

SD memory cards are best known as storage for digital cameras, smart phones, and other consumer electronic devices. A system which broadcasts directly from satellite to the subscriber end user. A common technique is frequency-division. An OVP monitors the DC voltage coming from an external power source, such as an off-line power supply or a battery, and protects the rest of the connected circuitry using one of two methods: Amplifier Class Amplifier circuit types are divided into "classes" which describe whether the amplifier operates in a linear or switching mode, and any techniques used to restore linearity of output.

Glossary - All Terms and Definitions Listed Alphabetically - Maxim EE Glossary

Despite the incredible support from my area editors, individual contributors, and staf f at CRC Press. Integral Nonlinearity A measure of a data converter's ability to adhere to an ideal slope in its transfer function.

Spread-spectrum techniques can also be used to reduce electromagnetic interference by dithering the clock frequency so emissions are no longer concentrated at one frequency. A satellite- based navigation system in which two or more signals, elfctrical from satellites, are used to determine the receiver's position on the globe.

The combined systems often including multiple co-located systems and ganged directional antennae is called a cell-site, a base station, or a base transceiver station BTS.

One for the keyboard; one for the monitor video ; one for the mouse.

Relay A relay is an electromagnetic switching device consisting of an armature dictionayr is moved by an electromagnet to operate one or more switch contacts. They may generate stable frequencies, recover a signal from a noisy communication channel, or distribute clock timing pulses in digital logic designs such as microprocessors. Some have crept in.

QuERC Software that examines bias and transient electrica output and flags devices operating above limits. Flarion uses the 5GHz channel and divides each channel into discrete tones each at slightly different frequency.

Frame Relay A high-speed, packet-switched data communications service similar to X. ATE Automatic test equipment; automated test equipment.

Glossary of electrical and electronics engineering

Penn State Univ ersity. The word "kelvin" in this context is not capitalized. A flexible parallel interface that allows a variety of electricao connections.

SMDs typically allow more components per square centimeter of PC board, but their oof is such that hand assembly and prototyping may be difficult. Characterized by a single-ended not differential physical layer, it uses one signal wire for transmission, another for reception, and a common wire groundplus some timing and control signals.

Electronic components are mounted on the board and the traces connect the components together electricxl form a working circuit or assembly.

The symbol I is used for current in equations and A is the abbreviation for ampere. Contact Bounce Cictionary a mechanical switch or relay closes, the switch elements will often bounce, even if only briefly, before making final contact. Noxious Fumes A combination of inert and corrosive gases usually associated with exhaust fumes or industrial by-products gases which can cause corrosive effects eleftrical temperature and pressure sensors when exposed.

A "high-Q" circuit has mostly reactive components inductive and capacitivewith low resistance.

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