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Check-out the hyperlinks of Pong and Pacman to these groundbreaking games. Residents can buy, sell, and rent land areas from each other. The users were able to visually see the results of their actions on screen, through the use of colored silhouettes. So at this point, the goal of creating a document is easier than just typing keypunch cards, but is still a long way from the word processing tools of today.

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The diagram displays an example of a direct manipulation programming language, where the user places icons into a flow diagram. Examples — labeled buildings, hidden plumbing Google: A calculator was much easier to use than a slide rule.

Radical Atoms Assume a hypothetical generation of materials that can change form and appearance dynamically, becoming as reconfigurable as pixels on a screen. Macintosh Direct Manipulation Tasks: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

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However, believe it or not, there were used for word processing. Users move about the 3-D space by walking, running, and jumping.

Undo, backspace Welcome to Lesson 8 Part B What you see is what you get word processing editors introduced the following advantages: Ease in programming By specification or by demonstration Flash animation Argument passing Simplicity in invocation and assignment of arguments Low risk High probability of bug free programs Halt and resume When creating direct manipulation Programming languages, the following principles apply: In the early days of computer gaming, the applications were very simple.

It is a simulation of the daily activities fiture one or more virtual persons "Sims" in a suburban household near Interfaxe.

School PowerPoint fture can prove to be useful for both the students and the teachers. The icons that are used to create each service is in the upper right of the diagram. Save To enter line mode from command mode, type a colon: Spatial or visual pwoerpoint are not necessarily an improvement over text Especially for blind or visually impaired users Direct manipulation designs may consume considerable screen space which May result in scrolling or multiple actions Users must learn the meanings of visual representations e.

Direct Manipulation Interfaces

Process Control pertains to user control of complex systems. Creating, copying, renaming, and erasing files After training and practice, average task times were: Explain the difference in columns and rows. There was no mouse, point and click type interface.

Need Intterface presentation for classrooms? Remember, that vi required that the user enter the command mode to control the cursor. Each icon performs a specific function. In some cases the call is routed to a phone, in other cases the call is routed to an announcement. As such, Most letters, or short sequences of letters, that you type were interpreted as commands Pressing Esc when you're in command mode, resulted in your terminal will fufure at you.

Movement is constrained to 2 dimensions as opposed to 3 dimensions 2-D Limits the number interface actions 2-D Ensures the visibility of the interface objects i.

Direct Manipulation Interfaces - ppt download

The cards were placed in a card reader and a computer program was executed as a result of the cards being read. Army PowerPoint templates can be used for trainings, briefings and other important related details. The answer, it was greatly accepted by the engineering and academic sectors. That is, lowerpoint the call is made to a specific number on the weekend, then the logic traverses one path, and if the call is made on a weekday, then the call traverses a different path.

ArcView — ESRI is an application that combines geographic information with crime related information with the goal of improving law enforcement It supports various views so the user can locate locations related to crime types e.

This is similar to double clicking on a icon today. So you can easily adjust and experiment with various features available to build things such as posters timelines, letters, menus etc. Such games can be divided into two categories: They felt the Mastery of the interface They felt Competent in performing tasks their tasks Even though the applications were difficult to learn, there was a language structure which evolved the end user to assimilating advanced features Users developed a Confidence in the capacity to retain mastery over time And using the applications actually became enjoyable Of course, with mastery came an Eagerness for users to show off their knowledge to novices The user group also shared the personality attribute of a Desire to explore more powerful aspects of the application.

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