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Like you get full Infantry line no eagles ofc AND full "western" Cavalry line no camels ofc with all units and all techs. Originally posted by Nova:. Btw for some reason in old 1. Except that they can't carry relics, these shorter-range monks are every bit as good, plus they can keep up with your conquistadors.

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Still, you should be able to tell when the spanish player is ahe into knights- do you think if they are going for pikes is a good idea? It's pretty cheap iirc. Now I realize you can do basically anything except crossbows. If you missed the Portuguese discussion or want to look back at others, I'll link them below.

The Spanish are a damn powerful late game civ. It's in line with some pocket civs in terms of upgrades. What sucked was my flank got overconfident and lost to a noob castle drop and your flank was pretty dead too.


Mounted hancannoneer-like gunpowder unit. They're even rather powerful in Castle if the player chooses to go for Conqs.

Then the developers might listen to your suggestion. It also means you can get fletching and bodkin so spxnish enemy is going full castle play big big knights to the point they can decimate TCs then having Bodkin will reduce casualties and the gold save can be used to get your own knights or other units to kill off the opposing knights.

Bombard towers only fire 2 cannon balls if you are the teutons. Basically try to cut off his trade his BIG advantage and then use cheap units and occasional siege to take out is Conqs.

View Profile View Posts. One of two civs to have every single damn dock tech.

It's one of three versatile ranged units that isn't siege the Spanish can make. Celts will do very well against a Spanish player as long as the battles are kept to a fairly narrow front.

How powerful is the Conquistador during the Castle and Imperial Age? And you people CRY because they get no Crossbows? The strongest castle age UU It's fast, hits like a brick, and has armor.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, the El Cid Campaign

It has the biggest tech tree, bigger than supposed "jack of all trades" civs, bigger than byzantines, bigger than chinese. But if early game rushing isn't something you're worried about, siege gae can be a pretty safe choice. Researching supremacy is not mandatory, but it's a low-cost way to add a little extra muscle to your army. After researching bloodlines and husbandry, your equestrians are among the finest in the game.

Spanish NEED NERF! :: Age of Empires II: HD Edition General Discussions

Retrieved from " https: If your opponent hasn't been rushing you, they are probably going for a unit they get in the castle age. The reason spanish aren't considered OP in castle age while still having acces to such a powerfull unit is because it's castle locked and because spanish lack crossbows the powerspike xbows give in early castle is massive.

Are Spanish Cannon Galleons the most dangerous ship on the water? This is an old, but still handy guide relevant to such a situation http: And they made it that much easier to make conqs the sooner you hit castle age.

Originally posted by AromaticTreeRoots:. Originally posted by Pantera:. The game is usually decided by the imperial age, but if you do reach imperial age nothing much will change.

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But I've grown to like a lot over time. And on top of that you can send all your villagers into battle and no matter what unit cap, you'll have like fighting units more than every opponent. Let's keep all three! Forcing a player to have to wall up early as Spanish will give you an edge in resources early and taking advantage of these commitments can help you deal with the conq's later down the road.

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