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New Content and Total Reworks.

TrungHo Aug 5 That makes senses. Omnicide patched to fix crash issues! Along with that, AI has been rewritten to fit the new Gamemodes and map sizes. This modification features an authentiuc zombie environment, with new and top-quality maps, weapons, skins, sounds, and chillingly authentic voice acting.

Together, we can make Omnicide big again and attract more people.

Project Zombie Strike 2014 mod for Battlefield 2

However, the geniuses over at Battlelog and I have been working to add Omnicide into the mods with online multiplayer support. Hello, its been literally a year since any news have been released about Project Zombie Strike Omnicide is something very precious to me, not only because it is an awesome piece of battlecield, but because it represents a time in my life where Ryan and I had a lot of fun. April Update has finally arrived, and with these news I'm glad to reveal the new content of Version 2.

It happened to me and my friend once while we were zombiw LAN using zombei server. Here is the upcoming list of characters for each faction. Twitch I also stream other games, but Omnicide will be one of the big ones. With ReLive, the situation is going to change forever.

I never managed to pay my respects to Ryan MasterCA and many people have asked if they could take over Omnicide. From what I know, this map was a part of Project Zombie Strike original mod, so here you go! Hopefully by now, there are going to be less crashes than usually there was, as reported by many players in the comment sections. However, they would be mentioned completely battletield the release within the Changelog features. Or sign in with your social account: Stable Again Nov 29 News Hello again everyone.

Today as a surprise, I release the V2. Since the official reveal and release of the mod, characters or better known as skins didn't receive any love from developers for a long time.

Or sign in with your social account:. Unfortunately not, currently I have added in a lot more weapons and tweaked some game mechanics. Thank you for your reply.

Today finally marks the first every release of the battlefielf from behalf of the new developer: Post article RSS Articles.

7's Zombie Mod v - Battlefield 2 Mods | GameWatcher

Or sign in with your social account: So, it is true that Omnicide will now be having a re-release. Keep an moe for the release, it's coming soon everyone This was Betamaxx See you next time. You may also like. BF2 Assault Battlefield 2. Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community. Now that I got enough help from my team's texture artists, we managed to create some new variation of skins and characters, so there won't be the same people all over again.

Veggie and cfschris Flash Menu Design: Omnicide is back, with a passion. You are introduced to Zombie War where human target is to survive the zombie invasion across all the Earth.

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