Bravestarr the legend

All else has lulled me to slumber with its boredom. Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate. Genres western science fiction animation action.

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If you haven't seen this but are a big enough fan of the Bravestarr cartoon to consider owning this bravestxrr story, DO IT -- it's on a "Best of Bravestarr" two-disc DVD set for supercheap. Little does he know that Tex Hexx is controlled by the all-powerful, evil "Stampede". Generate a number from 1 to x via: The movie gained a positive response from critics despite flopping braveztarr the box office.

I absolutely love the idea of this iconic cartoon series it is something original with a Weston background and mixed in with science-fiction.

This is the main issue I ran into with Bravestarr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The characterizations are a bit all over the place for the supporting characters, but it fhe still engaging and fun. I vaguely remember owning toys for the show, but don't really recall the show at all.

Just total action all the way the last thirty minutes. Every Animated Film Made from — present. The animation's good, but if it was live action I hope they revive this one day.

Supplemental information -- to dictate this review I had to go and find a VHS player [meaning for the younger generation of you out there in Internet land, I have to go and find a cassette tape player which took these cassettes that held film in them.

BraveStarr - The Legend

Unlike The Secret of tje Sword which was an edited version of the bravestarg five She-Ra episodesthe BraveStarr movie was produced and released following the conclusion of the TV series.

The Movie released in Europe as BraveStarr: This page was last edited on 28 Juneat I've seen it with audio commentary by makers of the movie and found out they only admired "the good work" they've done on this picture and how no one else did the same thing back in the day. Becker Edited by Ludmilla P.

The movie received its own single DVD release on May 6, This movie is decently animated for its time with some cool designs for the creatures, aliens, and ships. Objectively, 4 stars is probably more than this movie deserves. I fell asleep twice during this thhe.

For anyone else, this is either JUST interesting and eye-pleasing enough to not fly in the garbage bin, or rote and boring. The Los Angeles Times. A silly, decently animated TV movie which launched a show about a super powered Native American fighting a galactic evil A year after its release, Filmation closed down for good; its last full-length production, Happily Ever Afterdid not premiere until The film tells the story of the original discovery of Kerium a fictional ore that braveatarr as the main plot element of the TV seriesand how the Galactic Marshall Bravestarr came to battle Tex Hex a wanted outlaw and his master Stampede an evil spirit in the form of a bull skull on the planet of New Texas.

But I had a lot of fun with it, in large part because I enjoyed the show. Views Read Edit View history. Based on that, you will already know if you are bravestafr or have fond memories of it or not.

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Retrieved from " https: Bravestarr with his special powers fights the outlaw Tthe, the leader of the Carrion Bunch, who are after the mineral Kerium, Bravestarr sets out to set things right and enforce peace and justice on "New Texas".

Genres western science fiction animation action. English-language films films American films American action films Animated films based on animated series American children's animated adventure films American children's animated fantasy films American science fiction films American Western genre films Animated western genre animation Filmation animated films Films based on television series Space Westerns Space Western films Bravestxrr based on Mattel toys animated films s American animated films Western genre science fiction films.

Far out in space on New Texas, a single marshal protects a frontier people from the evil machinations of Stampede and his lackey, Tex Hex. Marshall Bravestarr is the lawman of the wild-west planet "New Texas" with help from Thirty-Thirty, his cybernetic talking horse and Deputy Fuzz, his sidekick and Shaman, his mentor.

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