Cisco 7941 firmware

Once you save the file you should see the phone reboot shortly afterwards. Point this to a web server on your local network which will serve up an XML file. However, I have got a phone directory working on the Services button. My recommendation is that you install dnsmasq.

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Mon, 16 Jan Phones are migrated to our network.

Note that this config file has two lines configured. Hi good day I thank you very much for your contribution to make this tutorial I followed it at the foot and the firmware went up without problems but when making the configuration of the sip file As you mention, I have these errors that I post when sending the files to ciscoo phone and I do not know what it could be, could you please help me by giving me some indication that I should correct.

I got a Cisco off eBay.

Hey Will, thank you so much for this article. I can give you some Teamviewer access to work directly. Google is your friend. Edit this file as necessary formware then save it to the root of your TFTP server with the filename: Do you have to modify any additional parameters in the SEP.

Free Cisco IP Phone & ATA Firmware (SCCP & SIP) Download Section

Chris December 8, at 8: Incoming calls will work fine. Adan February 26, at 4: Updated to latest firware from Cisco and tried every configuration found here or other blogs and site. You need to flash the correct firmware though. Hello firmwaare, Thank you for great the guide.

Steve Manley June 5, at Will Cooke June 27, at 7: Has November 1, at 3: Point this to a web server on your local network which will serve up an XML file.

I have installed asterisk local and TFTP server success. You can get the MAC address for the phone from the syslog on your dnsmasq server. Just got one from ebay about 12 pounds.

& IP Phone (SCCP & SIP)

This website has to tell you that it uses cookies to serve ads and to gather analytics information. This is everything you need to reflash your phone to the latest Fisco firmware.

Now I can take calls but I can not route incoming calls to the IP phone because the attachment is not registered on the plant. Below are the traces.

Filenames are case sensitive. I am working now for almost one year time to time to get my CIsco working.

Cisco 7941/7941 SIP Firmware 8.5

Usually Cisco require a valid support contract before you can download anything useful from their firmwxre, but it seems that since these phones are now out of support they have offered up the firmware free of charge. Thanks to you it is now working. By default the will have a psuedo North American dial tone. You do still need to register an account to download the files. Is there anyone who can help me to configure it to my Asterisk local server?

Cisco , Asterisk and SIP –

It may download the firmware again for some reason, just leave it to get on with it. You should have 8 files in there:. This could be something as simple as a port number or password.

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