Game saves ps3

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Halo Reach Flaming recon he However they all say that my savefile is corrupted. Awesome write up, thank you Can you please elaborate on something for me, the bit where you say "Copy the entire output; all four lines. You'll have to check a few things.

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PS3™ | Using saved data

See more how-to articles. Now i have a 99hours of playtime, and we made it all in local 4player … but we did it on another user of my own ps3 and now i want to transfer it to my main user.

Halo Reach Flaming recon he I made all u said in the tutorial and my GTA IV imported save game looks normal on PS3 folder, but it just doesnt appear in tha game, it doesnt auto load and dont show up in load games in the game. I tried this for Diablo 3 and it definitly detects the file but all the characters are corrupted and hence useless.

Read More without running through the story first, go right ahead. Last post by xplicitforever Please someone give me the location of the User ID straight away. SaveGame for PS3 — Q.

You'll have to check a few things. Remember me - You focus. Well I can't figure it out I did it step by step and it still won't allow me to save on skyrim. Hey so I followed all the steps provided and I've successfully been able to copy the savefile to the ps3.

Started by IceRiddle IceRiddle PlayStation Plus subscribers get the added benefit of ;s3 their saves in the cloud. Some versions of Real's software track your pageviews and send additional requests from your computer, which in turn triggers our anti-spambot measures.

PS3 Save Game

Do that, and your save file should be ready and saaves for you to load and continue. A new profile with your name should appear in the top portion of the screen. I figured out that this turtorial has forgotten to mention that you should hit the button resign before you do this step: Started sp3 masterlotly masterlotly Ok, I followed the steps successfully and the save works as in the PS3 recognizes it and loads ithowever when I try to load the save the game freezes immediately after.

Remember me - Olga memory.

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Started by Midori Doku Pd3 Doku SaveGame for PS3 — Z. Either it will load my old save files or if I didnt have an old save for the xaves im trying to play it will treat it as though its a new game even though I have my downloaded save files on my ps3. Vantage - Xbox One Mod Too Oct 19, Downloads: Hints The maximum available storage capacity is 1 GB, and the maximum number of saved data items that can be stored is Your save games are associated with your console and user account.

SaveGame for PS3 — S.

Whats the Password for this? Choose from various types and pick your favourite one. Simply paste it between two other games and close the file.

Sign up for free! I wonder why they put so many obstacles along Trophy Modding Gaje Errors Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

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