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Instead of developing for a specific operating system, you target the runtime. Use Custom UI for Updates: Several settings should be unique for each application that you publish. As the market shifts to mobile devices, Adobe is investing in bringing its runtime technologies to new hardware and operating systems. You typically use these buffers when working with 3D content.

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A by—pixel icon— Spotlight search for Retina Display iPads. Ignored settings Applications on the desktop ignore application settings that apply to mobile profile features.

The following namespaces should be used for mobile applications depending on which mobile platform you are targeting: Adobe AIR 23 runtime downloads. In order to be eligible to enter into an Adobe AIR Distribution License Agreement with Adobe, you must submit an application to Adobe in which you provide us with information about your intended distribution.

If you would like to bundle the Adobe AIR runtime with your computers, please apply for a distribution licence and Adobe will contact you directly.

You cannot define the following settings: Specify the path to the icon files in the icon element of the application descriptor file:. Required AIR runtime version Specify the version of the AIR runtime required by your application using the namespace of the application descriptor file. How does Adobe AIR security differ from security in the browser?

For example, your application may start a file upload operation after which the user moves another application to the front.

Adobf example, if your application uses the AIR 2. If you do not specify a file for a particular size, AIR uses the image of the closest size and scales it to fit for the given occurrence. When I downloaded the file I received the message that the file had already been installed.

Adobe AIR * Setting desktop application properties

When specifying a value for versionNumberyou must use a sequence of up to three numbers separated by dots, such as: The UIDeviceFamily setting is an array of strings. The icon file must be in PNG format. Click the Create button.

The following blend modes are not supported: Set the basic application properties in the application descriptor file. To avoid using too much internal memory, be selective about the data you save to the adoeb storage directory. In the case of a custom URI, this means that the user has clicked a link using that URI scheme and the browser does not know how to handle it.

The transparent setting of a window cannot be changed at run time. On Mon, Apr 4, at Stage3D uses hardware acceleration, if otherwise possible. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Only when you change the namespace and publish an update will your application have access to the new behavior and features. Add the tags mentioned below in the application descriptor file before packaging for your images:.

Moving to Adobe AIR. Adobe AIR 26 runtime downloads. Specify the minimum size of the window in pixels. Adobe AIR 20 runtime downloads. Lets you specify whether the user can maximize the window. The name of the main file of the application.

Adobe AIR Runtime Distribution

Specifies the initial vertical position of the window in pixels. Adboe application will take a few minutes to complete and will require you to provide general information about your intended use of Adobe AIR. For example, the ID:

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