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For now the demi point limit is set at , you can get more from attacks but if you pray for ure demi it will reset back to This update also prepares for upcoming new content! Belial, Enslaver of Souls.

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It also shows the player's ggame quests, battles won and lost as well as times eliminated and the number of enemies eliminated.

Chests contain special items you can buy with favor points. Carmilla, Princess of Darkness. Gather powerful guardians to join your forces! When battling monsters, players use stamina to hit and chip away at a monster's health.

However you can change your class and have it take effect on the next Arena Battle. This is the About screen MySpace link for the Myspace version the Facebook version has no equivalent.

Those who can be recruited by gold are listed in the Recruit Guardians tab. Gaining a new level at the expense of ae vanquished boss always feels good.

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To prevent potential spamming, now you need to be at least lv. Spin to win rare items. You can see the points you have with each by going to the demi power tab under Oracle.

In case a player wish to use cash for either purchasing or healing, the game will not recognized any amount of cash stashed in the treasury, it will only recognized cash on hand rather.

Once you receive a confirmation email with a code, you can enter that code and activate your account. Many players hanging it up, or slowing WAY down.

These people are crooks. I found a working cheat here: This gamee also records your best time and damage against specific monsters.

Higher level questing is only unlocked once you have completed the Land's special quest. I would like to help look into this further.

Contents [ show ]. For every hit, they will be able to log damage done depending on their attack power. Only the summoner is allowed to declare the monster public. The quest's flame will also change color according to its level. Here, you may log in with your universal account. Retrieved castlw " http: Both players lose health per attack.

There is a certain amount of damage needed to have a chance at an epic loot or to get into gold medal position. You can choose your equipments easily in your Loadouts. New Ouroboros epic monster!

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Guild Class is for Guild Battles and the Arena. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Spending money is not essential and although I have spent a modest amount to build my original main character, my other three characters have had little or no money spent and they are almost as capable as my main character. Although it is not shown here, battle points are also won or lost should you and your challenger be near in rank.

Castle Age: Heart of Darkness

It displays how much damage you've taken and the amount of gold that you won or lost. Ingredients lists all the alchemical components that you own while the Recipe page shows the list of items or summons that you can make from your alchemy ingredients. You like guilds, dragons, oversized heroes and sexy elves?

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