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Message 5 of 13 31, Views. Your kills, deaths and captures are recorded so you can compare your achievements with other players. I tried to at the Origin, but it keeps me sending to the Battlefied's site back and forth.

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Capture the flag in Battlefield is one of the best online multiplayer games of all time. When is it battlevield on Origin? It is located in the folder where you installed Battlefield through Origin. This is the original game Battlefieldfor the first time available as a digital download on Origin. Sporadic testing leads us to believe that Desert Combat 0.

November Yeah hope it works.

Battlefield - Download

The new game client Origin people seem to be having issues with the install and finding servers. Can I play online against players who have the original disc-based version? March Hello, everyone.

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View More on EA Help. Help us improve Answers HQ! For more discussion on popular mods, head to the new Battlelog forums we have set up specifically for this release of Battlefield Message 6 of 17 18, Views.

Electronic Arts Avid gamers will recall that EA's Battlefield was one of the most popular titles To get it, you'll need an Origin account and the Origin download client, both free, both battlerield to Steam but solely for EA games, natch. This server will be visible to all other players via the server browser.

Tapped Out The Simpsons: May - last edited May Do you recommend it?

Of course, it's really meant to be enjoyed online, with other players -- up to 64 of which can share the same map. Your kills, deaths and captures are recorded so you can compare your achievements with other players.

Battlefield 1942 now available for free!

It's much more accessible than Battlefield 3and you won't feel outgunned by players with superior firepower. We are also opening up a new forum section on Battlelog where you can discuss Battlefield and specifically this Origin release of the game.

Sign In or Register. What do you think about Battlefield versionn Maybe BF will be give to players for free in 15th aniversary.

Battlefield now available for free! - News - Battlelog / Battlefield 3

If you've never played the game, it's a first-person shooter set during -- duh -- World War II. We are hoping that those who find Battlefield interesting will have patience with any issues they experience and that they will help each other on the EA Answer HQ at http: Try these steps first to clear up any problems you may have when connecting to an EA game.

And visually, well, it looks about as muddy and muted as you'd expect a year-old game to look. Well,I check those articles that EA suggested ,but I think the problem still exists. February Same problem in Bahtlefield. Battlefield encourages teamwork, whether it's two or three players teaming up to man a tank and guns, or just infantry storming a base with sniper cover.

This will bring up a list of all demo games that are available in your country. Battlefoeld - last edited December Message 8 of 17 13, Views.

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