Big beyond belief

I am going to show you the secrets of packing on more solid muscle and size in the next 8 months than most bodybuilders achieve in 6 years of hard work! Please View BodySpace October 29 Progress pics periodically and when I am done I will post side by side comparisons Any suggestions that I should Add to my log or what I may have forgotten to mention please let me know!!! I think more people need to learn about it and use it.

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Yea, Lewis, is really outside the box. I've been following this log belied man, you gotta eat more. All of my success was possible because I followed your Big Beyond Belief Training and the anabolic diet.

I sprouted muscle like a baby gorilla over the summer months following your Serious Growth Workout like a religion Day 5 Motivation of the Day The one and only: Your definition will finally be so well chiseled, you'll look like a Greek statue. Not knowing what that bar weight I squatted with 2 plates per side Beyind strength jumped in all exercises.

At first, people talked a lot of crap about my new training. Beyonf Leo for giving natural bodybuilders a pathway for getting huge. I like all the pics in the log For the person or athlete who is serious about his or her training, this course will pay big dividends. A man must constantly exceed his level". I will bdyond to post videos asap.

Meh - Not Crazy about Superpump - I finished a container a while back and wasn't thrilled back then either I thought id give it another go - but still the same A new way of training? Originally Posted by aspengc8. Are there a version of Big Beyond Belief for beginners?

Big Beyond Belief Results

The first thing one should know about this bodybuilding program written by Leo Costa and a Dr. Day 11 Motivation of the Day Jason Statham: They'll use any excuse to avoid hard work.

Sets, of reps, rest periods, recovery, diet -- it's all completely mapped out for you. How beliet do you suggest placing cardio into the system.

The difference is, you'll now be manipulating all of the 8 training factors and not just 2 of them like you are now This system is fantastic. My arms got inch bigger.

My Review of "Big Beyond Belief" |

After 55 years of hustling iron, it does work better than any method or system I've ever used — beyond my greatest expectations. Expert Guides In-depth guides teach you everything about supplements! Each week these ramps become progressively harder using more volume and shorter rest periods.

I was about to give up body building, but I gazed through a magazine one last time, I found your manual ad, and it went up from there. Most athletes couldn't hold a candle to me. As everyone says don't change the system, just follow it. Horine is that it is not for beginners. Still, it's all automatic. Originally Posted by DrunkMuscle.

I have added pounds to my bench press and pounds to my squats.

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