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Now the downturn is that prudish fear has taken over American society, so much so, that a naked child is a horrific emblem of debauchery, instead of an asexual gangling. I think the legality is complicated by the fact that Brooke is underage and her parent gave permission, but that is allowed within the law. Look, even the hard core kiddie porn snuff etc is done for money!

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There are some million fire weapons and shotguns in private hands, violence seams to be ok but not this picture, says a lot about the society.

How the hell did you end up on this site lol: And may God have mercy on your souls. As a matter of fact they often confuse the two. But these were not intended pornoogrphically.

How responsible can we make a photographer that takes a picture that might arouse a small proportion of the expected audience? Garry Gross November 6, — November 30, was an American fashion photographer who went on to specialize in dog portraiture.

I was sexually abused as a child for years until my early teens and if there were any photographic recollections of myself looking as Brooke does in this photo I would be humiliated beyond belief and desperate to retrieve and traces of my past experiences.

Pointless namecalling gets no-one anywhere. I am glad that there are people in this forum who think its art; we are not completely lost — good! If you look at the photo and you call it child porn that means you see child porn and you are the one with the sick mind.

Some people just will never get it. Also, how many of you have allowed your kids to do this, and when your little boy swings his willy, you pretend to try and grab it You Perverts. In addition, they had been published, and would probably be published again, in revues ehields dubious morality.

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Who the hell would call this art? Im reading some of the comments to this opposition and they are so violent.

This is way more outrageous than any photo. She put me inside her and she was definitely a virgin. Shielde might be hostile but his intentions are good. I dont see how anyone thinks these pictures are sexy. The two ARE different — the problem is that Judeo-Christian-Islamic morals treat them as one and the same, and people raised in these traditions may not be able to see past their cultural conditioning.

Garry Gross who took controversial nude pictures of Brooke Shields dies at 73

A pedophile will surely become aroused by this. I almost want to cry after seeing those images of a 10 year old Brooke. Sir Philip Green hit with calls for a Actually, it was her mother that agreed to the contract. Have you ever seen your children naked, and helped them taking their bath? These people are refered to as ordinary fatheads.


Look up Ted Gunderson speaking on Youtube dead nowlook up Cathy Obrien also speaking on Youtube, and her free pdf book TRANCE formation fo America and you will be horrified there are lots of immoal parents out there selling their children. Perhaps his meds kicked in?

Brooke Shields by Gary Gross – Iconic Photos

If it turns you on, you have a problem, if you think its art, you have a problem, if you cuss and swear abuse at other contributors, you have a problem, if you respond to someone with such a obviously limited vocabulary, you have a problem, if you think its just a kid in a bath, no, problem.

His favorite type — little girls right as they are about to hit puberty. But guys…when you really get hard after looking at these pics…take a very very cold shower and think about seeing a psychologist. There is one where she is standing in front of the tub, straight on, and another where she has one foot up on the edge of the tub so you can get a nice view of the goods.

For those that do not speak he condeming America Prat the exhibtion is in England — My reply its the same in Russia if not worse. In that situation it was nothing more than a parent capturing the silly and innocent moments of their young children playing in the tub.

Look at all the sex scandals of the US politicians in high offices; many of them demanded sexual morale and sexual decency and all that nonsense while paying at the same time high-class hookers.

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