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We care about keeping our customers happy, so please reach out to us with your questions, comments and suggestions! Inserting tags in your mass text messages will make them more personal. How can I calculate the costs of sending bulk SMS messages? Here are the main benefits of mass text messaging:. Where can I view my bulk SMS history?

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All your messages are displayed in the History section of your TextMagic account. Access our network of over carrier connections and send your messages anywhere in the world through our SMS Gateway. The good news is that, by creating distribution lists, you can automatically send your text to the assigned email for sharing.

How can Bulk SMS messaging benefit your business? Put into practice the concept of effective communication with customers. Combine you hulk marketing with 2-Way SMSto create interactive and engaging promotional campaigns that can be sent, monitored and replied to, all through one platform.

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Inserting tags in your mass text messages will make them more personal. Here you will be able to reply to individual messages, re-send messages to larger groups or follow up with calls.

Reach out to our sales team. For every contact ams add, you must also select the contact list that it will be part of. Batch import Easily import all your contacts at once by uploading a CSV or text file with their information. Text Message Notifications Send notifications, alerts or important company info to all staff members around the world. Click on the grey wheel icon and select Send SMS to this listedit your message and click on Send or schedule for later.

Send all your messages in one burst or break them up into smaller groups depending on your campaign requirements. A user with email already exists. Utilise our schedule and stagger features to send out Bulk SMS campaigns when it best suits you.

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Unsubscribe links Include unsubscribe link into your SMS. Sign up with Facebook Google.

Are you're going to send to a large subscriber base? Here are the main benefits of mass text messaging: You can also set up gradual sending of SMS over specific time frames. But before you begin, you will have to set up your contacts and lists.

Bulk SMS Sender Software

Sender name Use any sender ID depending for your campaign. SMS Autoresponders Put into practice the concept of effective communication with customers. Click the "Recover password" button to restore your password or click here to Bul.

Distribute Discount Vouchers Reward customer loyalty by sending discount vouchers or coupons directly to their mobiles. Sks Web Interface Manage marketing campaigns and internal communications online. Have all reply messages forwarded directly to your email inbox or CRM of choice.

This will help you segment your audience and send bulk SMS messages more effectively.

Let your audience know that they can unsubscribe whenever they like. Increase productivity With bulk SMS software, you can instantly send a message to hundreds of senver.

Here are the main benefits of mass text messaging:. We will take a closer look at all these methods to help you choose the best one for your business needs.

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