Capm test questions

What would BEST support your opinion that there is a problem? Ask the team members to record any issues they encounter into the issue log. During a recession, a project manager posts a positive risk that in the current economic environment, cheaper resources may become available. What is most likely to be the cause?

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The project sponsor states that he has forgotten the name of the document, but he remembers it contained the description, owner, source, priority, and status of product requirements.

If you read the second sentence again, it says that you are concerned about the accuracy of progress reports from the project. Which of the following is true regarding your project's current situation as reflected by this TCPI value?

Answer is D, applying the Delphi Technique. Determine who decides the project is successful.

A project manager is currently managing a manufacturing process improvement project which will be completed in five phases. A project manager for a software development project has collected the work performance data and used the requirements documentation and requirements traceability matrix to generate the work performance information regarding variances in the project work compared to the baseline.

And it gives 10 days of float for this activity.

Transferring an identified risk. Create the risk report. Develop a more robust risk management plan. Which of the following documents would you leave out of the package? Complete the Project Stakeholder Management process. Create the SOW yourself since you are the project manager. During risk management activities, risks have been identified which are caused by 13 root causes. xapm

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questinos Agree to analogous estimating, as it is a form of expert judgment. If there is not an approved change request, existing scope baseline must be valid and project team must work on to deliver that scope only. To complete the project capn, you need your project sponsor's continuous support. What might have been done differently during project planning to have avoided this situation? This exercise can best be described as an example of: Question - QidSchedule Management, Planning, 6.

Make the phone call to the customer to inform them of the delay. Therefore, since expert opinion is important for this case and experts are spread over different geographical locations, we can use Delphi Technique.

Submit a change request to the CCB to add the new procedure to the project management plan. Also these 2 risks cannot be outsourced or removed from project scope.

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Reassign the risk ownership to team members who are in departments that are more engaged in the project. A project manager notifies the project sponsor that the mitigation strategy for a fest risk did not work. With three prospective vendors listed as pre-approved sellers, what is the best course of action? The meeting attendees are struggling with the task, and the meeting is becoming unproductive.

In a pharmaceutical project, human trials are to start soon. So, options A, B, and D are the possible reasons for this case mentioned in the question.

The project manager has just compiled a list of potential stakeholders' names. Therefore, here the best answer is C. Conduct a bidder conference. Revise the assumption log.

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