Daily prophet template

It is the Prophet Newspaper from Harry Potter series. So, here is what I came up with. I've shared out several templates recently both here on my blog, and on Twitter. I can't wait to use this with my students!!

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I've put a few tech tips on the slides at the end of this document about using icons and images. So, I haven't really thought out any teemplate ways in which students can use them.

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templae Thank you so much!!! You press on the blue letters and then when it opens slides go to file then make a copy and you can edit your own copy!!! I love this template and I am geeked about using it, but I cannot make a copy so I can get started. I can't delete any of the images, or the yellow box that says, "delete box The two above don't work: Fantastic template - best I've seen and I've looked at loads!

Have you heard of PowerPoint? I shall show you an example of someone's work once the task is completed.

Harry Potter's "Daily Prophet" Newpaper

Make a copy is grayed out so I cannot click on it. I want to make some as decoration for my daughter's birthday party. I've shared out several templates recently both here on my blog, and on Twitter.

Hi, this template is amazing the best one I've found! To Scan or Not Scan My daughter is going to love it!!!!! Keep it up the great work.

Daily Prophet Newspaper Template

I recently finished watching them all with my 11 year old Harry Potter fanatic of a daughter and every time I saw these moving newspapers I thought, "I bet I could make that in Daaily Slides". I can only click on Download As Easy to save in google drive and it's gorgeous. Is there a new link so I can download it?

My "force myself to write and be creative" Blog. Just what I was looking for. I tejplate an upcoming yearly Harry Potter party, and we're doing a scavenger hunt. That is the Question!

Thank you so much for this. Is there a printable i.

Have you heard of Fiverr yet? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Very Informative and useful The Prophft Prophet is the perfect template to hide clues in. So, here is what I came up with.

I've never seen google slides before so that may be my problem or that I have missed something haha. Like I said before, I've never done any of these with students and to be honest, I haven't even shared it with anyone else before.

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